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Why is she buying purses? She never goes anywhere anymore! Buying purses for Big Al is like the road to nowhere: all it does is lead to nothing and pointlessness.
At least the purses have potential to be useful. The earrings are just garbage.


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This boring hog is too much sometimes! Wasting even more money on frivolous shit when she's been looking to sell her trashy second hand earrengs. Slothful cunt.

Obligatory oink.

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i bet the Torrid employees LOVE her.
She doesn’t go to torrid lol she would never walk into a clothing store and buy clothes. Way too personal. Maybe she would buy stuff from Walmart or target but I can’t see her walking into a mall store and looking for a 6x. Plus, she can’t walk. She orders stuff like that online and then Becky does the shopping for food and stuff. I doubt ALR gets out much at all anymore. Maybe every few weeks. She can’t walk.

“I couldn’t choose a color so I bought all four.”
Alright, who showed this bitch Shein? Figures, most purses on the website are dirt cheap for okayish quality anyway. Regarding the earrings she’s selling on Instagram, why sell them? They’re shit quality anyway just give them to goodwill or something.


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5k views in an hour is abysmal for Amber. I can't even be bothered to watch this shit, this is on par with the pen ASMR. You know she's phoning it in when the video isn't even 10+ minutes to rape the viewer with ads.

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Stupid purses she'll never use, including a small one that looks microscopic relative to her planet-sized body and four different colors of another style of purse. Stupid, creepy earreens with eyeballs on them that she'll never wear. Stupid other earreens, mostly with butterflies, that she'll never wear. Stupid story about grandmother and aunt and butterflies. Stupid story about how seeing a butterfly supposedly means someone who is not around is looking after you or looking down from heaven or some bullshit. Stupid Big Al, saying she doesn't "believe in that stuff" but wants to believe her grandmother's soul is still here. Stupid greasy hair in a poop bun, as usual. Stupid.

There you go.

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