COME SHOPPING WITH ME, HUGE MAKEUP HAUL, HALLOWEEN 2019 11/4/2019 - Amber was a fat Hermione for Halloween

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22 minutes! :stress:

Power flicker got Hambeast shooketh. Rain two days in a row, 'no joke.' Aggrivated because she can't get makeup and merch from her beloved Shane, her tears ran at least twice each video she watched. Her phone alarm went off and she refreshed for four hours and now everything is sold out, how can she go on dear kiwifarmers? Yack yack yack about inspiration, probably she's not any good but it's fun coming up with new makeup looks. The sun is too bright for both Amber and Becky in Becky's almost $300 glasses. Amber is next in line for them to replace her broken ones. Cut to Amber next to a mochi case on her scooty puff.
Today is the Halloween party and Amber is counting candy corn to guess the number in the container. Who gives a fuck? 12 games are planed. Obstacle course? Sure Jan. Good luck with that. What's in the box has potential but will be disappointing as nobody is dressed as wrath at this party I'm sure! Let's look at the food at this party like anybody would care but the binge monster. Eric and Rickie made pigs in the blanket, subtle gay trolling. Amber is dressed as six Hermione's eating each other. Becky will be a 90's person, this person in the actual 90's would be bullied for dressing like they're from the 80's. Eric is Mario, Rickie is Luigi. Amber can't decide which Mario character she would have been (Big Bertha, duh.). Dana is a hex girl from Scooby Doo, Density is Squid/Sam from Rocket Power. Eric and Rickie win if I'm judging. Amber has exceeded her daily transaction limit on her bank card, Becky wants to try 'ten hundred' instead.
TJ Max time, looking at bags, makeup brushes, candles, this scooty puff pawing section is annoying. Wal Mart up next still in a scooty puff. Amber is optimistic expecting to make another Christmas already. More nail polish shopping, this sucks. The cybernetic skeleton mask isn't a step down in the looks department all things considered.
Makeup haul at home, boring. Becky gets some men's Spongebob underwear. This stands as its own punchline.
Random comment picker is savage as fuck. Deny, deny, play dumb and deny. Becky's going through a tough time and it's hard for Amber to pretend she's ok with it to help her. Play dumb again. Amber deserves respect. Amber agrees she's pushing 30, she denies she's trying to be stupid, she just is. She has to edit. Good riddance.

Long, not good, like her stomach panis.
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