Come Talk: Amberlynn, she's live again 5/3/20 -


Bora Bora Eat Some More-a
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She's all hot, bothered, and sweaty from her "walk" with Eric, which she admittedly quit halfway through. Someone said she's really broke and she replied that her bank account says something different...

Disgusting how Eric just went live, and she jumped in on his, made him end his to go on a walk, then came back to 1-up on him on his live. No doubt she will gloat that she got more viewers.
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Mr. God
So she's back again, for like the 6th video in 3 days, to blather about nothing and troll the haydurs. Boring. Would rather watch Chantal.

Not gonna watch, fatso. Never gonna watch. Show your Akira monster laygs or fuck off.

Also, lol at the comment here about her bragging about her bank account. Nobody cares. She is obviously broke AF but even if she were richer than she was fat she wouldn't be able to do anything with it because she is a fucking living waterbed full of Crisco and every moment is agony for her. Maybe get some fucking muscles before trying to flex, Gargantua.

I remember last stream she was 500.8 or something? Could it be possible she's losing weight due to not being able to eat out so much and preety much forced to "cook" from home?
They're donating more than the previous stream.
View attachment 1269577 Anyone know how much this is in US dollars?
That appears to be the rupee (₹) symbol. Currently 200 Indian Rupee equals 2.65 United States Dollar.

Turd Fergusson
She is not broke. She has upward of $30,000 saved; that is the money that she need to pay for bariatric surgery. I bet she does not want to dip into it for monthly expenses. What is her issues now is that her cash flow has gone downward and some of her expenses up. Many YouTubers have indicated that their income from ads is quite a bit lower even with increased views. Amber’s views are down; less than 100k in most. She used to have views that are twice as much. This is why she is posting more these days. Her expenses have gone up with all these doctors visits and medications.