come talk to me... - live on youtube 4/22/19

Her explanation for no more daily uploads: She was overwhelmed. What a shock. We all know how exhausting it is to sit in front of a camera, eat, and babble on about nothing of substance.

Can she control how the donations are displayed? Last time I could see all of them at the top of the chat, but now I can only see the most recent one, and it seems to go away after a few minutes. She's made at least $50 since I started watching.

EDIT: She's acting like Katie W's videos don't bother her. :story:
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To be fair, it would work with anyone in a weight class not comparable to a cow.

But her breathing is sooper better now. 11lbs makes a huge difference when you're 600lbs.

Try to imagine AL losing six 10lb bowling balls and still being 500lbs. She's full of shit. Big gorl would have to lose at least 100lbs before it'd even be noticeable.

Infamous DSP detractor "Tevin" is restreaming her stream right now too. She keeps giving Tevin a shoutout and reading out DSP references/memes (shoutouts dark and his horse, what do you think of penne pasta, kat is pregnant, dsp get a job, etc)

She is reading out just about every donation she gets no matter how dumb or irrelevant it is.
It's like an autistic version of a TV crossover, I love it. Now all we need is for Khet to leave Phil for Becky and the circle will be completed.

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