come talk to me... - live on youtube 4/22/19


My soul was I ate 2 ramens.
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Our gorl in her final form...
Does she have a cock eye? Something is up with her eyeballs

I like how she thinks everything happens instantly. Ten days without binging? Cured.
She never ‘BINGED’ in the technical sense. I don’t believe she has BED I strongly believe she just overeats. So yeah after not being a massive gluttonous pig for a week your body and mind learn they will live another day with a regular portion of food.

"I have never laid a hand on anyone in my life"
What about a hoof? That’s what you sportin now gorl.

Who Now
Pretty soon she’s going to stop uploading videos and only stream for Superchats
It shocked her so much when she realized how much money people would throw at her, so now it will be all super chat, all the time. Can she do that with her contract with YouNow?

Made my week to see Tevin stream with our gorl today. She read every detractor super chat. It was glorious. She was just like DSP; trying to decide if a message was an insult or not. lol

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