Comedy, Novelty, and Parody songs: The Best, The Worst, and Your Favorites. NO WEIRD AL! - ...okay, fine, some Weird Al.


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Alright, so I've been meaning to make this thread for at least a year now and it seems I've finally gotten around to it. Ever since I was a 5-year-old and picked up my first Weird Al tape at a yard sale for $.25 (this one) I've been a massive fan of parodies, comedy and just weird music in general, and the people who make it, from classics like Weird Al, Blowfly, and Frank Zappa, to newer stuff like Jon LaJoie, Psychostick, Steel Panther, and The Lonely Island, and about everything in between.

To start off, here are some of my favorites from middle school/high school. Napster had just come out and inadvertently exposed my friends and I to a previously unknown world of fucked-up music.

We'd type in "Weird Al" and thousands of songs would come up, none of them actually by Al, some of them pretty damn great:
This one's a classic, a parody of Back That Azz Up by Juvenile, it has absolutely nothing to do with South Park. Matt & Trey weren't involved, and the real artist has never been revealed as far as I know.
Despite the video and all the idiots in the comments insisting it's Al, this classic incel anthem is in fact by a guy called Hawaiian Ryan, and it's on his album "Saving Ryan's Privates". Parody of Christina Aguilera's Genie in a Bottle.
A timely Bill Clinton parody done by two DJs at NYC radio station WHTZ, David Brody and JR Nelson, with Nelson doing the Clinton impression. Parody of Lou Bega's Mambo No. 5.
A parody of We Didn't Start the Fire by Billy Joel, not sure who did this. Sounds like Tom Green, but it's been around longer. Also, this high-quality version just doesn't sound right after listening to the shitty low-fi Napster version for all those years. Kids these days have it easy.
Barney's on Fire by Tony Mason. Not a parody, but still awesome. Another timeless Napster treasure. Dig the early 2000s stickfigure video.

Now, while I am a huge fan of Weird Al, the man is practically synonymous with parody so in this thread I'd like to try something a little unusual and shine a spotlight on some lesser-known artists and songs. I'd like to make this a place for Kiwis to share their favorites, and maybe even find some new favorites while we're at it. This can also be a hall of shame for your least favorite, most unfunny, David Tanny-esque parodies. As long as it was written with the intent to be funny, it belongs here. It's also a place to sperg about just what makes a parody good or bad. Treat this like a thread version of the Dr. Demento show.

Also, if you're up to it, maybe write a bit and tell us about who and what you're sharing. Give us some background info. Let us know why it's so great or awful, and if it's a parody of something foreign or super obscure, let us know what the original is. And for the sake of loading times, putting videos behind spoilers is appreciated.

My eventual plan if this thread takes of is to do mini-features on some of my favorite artists, some of my least favorite, my favorite parody videos, etc. and to have others do the same.

So, what are your favorite parodies and comedy songs?
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I shall christen this thread with The Macc Lads.

From noted shithole, Macclesfield, The Macc Lads just focused on being as crass as possible, getting banned from a lot of venues across the UK. A lot of their appeal involves esoteric references to British hooligan culture (sometimes even Northern British hooligan culture) as well as just being fucking ridiculous. 'Feed Your Face' even lead to Bob Geldof trying to sue them because he reckoned it was too similar to 'Do They Know It's Christmas Time?' (The song was written as a response in the first place)

A must for our age.
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You will not want it after reading the tags.

Really enjoyed this group a few years back. It's a shame they had their show cut off because they made some funny stuff.

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Gotta have some Tim Wilson in here. Dude was a legend in Southern country humor and a regular on The Bob & Tom Show.

His stand up comedy was great too, sadly he died in 2014.



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A few by country comedy duo Pinkard & Bowden:
Friends in Crawl Spaces (Jeffrey Dahmer Song)

I'd Rather Hear a Fat Girl Fart than a Pretty Boy Sing

Fudge Packers in Disguise

Trailer Park Woman