Comedy, Novelty, and Parody songs: The Best, The Worst, and Your Favorites. NO WEIRD AL! - ...okay, fine, some Weird Al.

Commander Keen

Big Strong Man - The Wolfe Tones

Eric Bogle - Nobodys Moggy
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Some good ol' boys from Texas (by way of some craphole in Ireland, think the town is called Dublin) covered Big Strong Man and managed to get it on a movie and a tv show:

But, when I was a kid, my dad listen to AM radio a lot and they would play a bunch of political parodies during the Clinton years. My favorite was Werewolves of Congress:

I just liked the tune. I did not know who Warren Zevon was, but I'm glad that the parody helped me discover his stuff. Huge Warren Zevon fan nowadays. Original:

Even Kid Rock lifted the music from Werewolves of London for a tune. Which really pissed me off, because I thought that the bar I was drinking at was gonna play some different music and got excited. Nope, Kid Rock just sampled Warren Zevon. Was a bummer.


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Alright, by now everyone knows Samwell's hit song What What (in the Butt):

But have you ever checked out any of the amazing cover versions?

He also made a sequel about condom use, which is pretty catchy and good:

He made a third one, but it's absolutely godawful because the guy can't sing to save his life.

He can sure rap about buttsex, but he cannot sing.


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I know Ween's been posted but you got to have their 12 Country Hits

Hulk Hogan Boot Camp especially this track

Frank Zappa's Biggest Germany hit, Bobby Brown Goes Down.

The Most Unwanted Song

The Most Wanted Song
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I will never, ever tire of this!

In what seems to be a bit of a theme in this thread, RIP Victoria Wood, 1953 - 2016 :heart-empty:
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Angel Alberto Crespo is a former firefighter and fire chief in Puerto Rico. He is currently CEO of his own fire safety company. He's married and lives a seemingly normal life with his wife and kids.

But beneath the surface, this mild-mannered family man has a burning passion for not only fire safety, but for hip-hop with a catchy Latin beat. And so, he becomes Firefighter MC, aka El Bombero Rapero!

The guy's broken English is pretty damn endearing, and the way he uses a smoke detector sound just makes the whole song.

Rather have something a bit more rockin'? He's got you covered. Love the chorus and the echo effect. He really gets into it.

Or perhaps mariachi is more your thing?

Here's a heartfelt Latin love song about how cold water makes a burn stop hurting:

This guy is super earnest about his fire safety, and his odd lyrics are pretty damn quotable. His most popular song has less than 100 views and that just seems criminal. He's definitely obscure. His entire 8-song album "Fire Safety Across the Nations" is on youtube.

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In the 1980s, it was still quite possible for an up and coming Chicago-based country band to record a novelty song about the Three Stooges and turn it into a Top 20 hit that even got airplay on MTV from time to time. Try doing that now.

The first record I ever got as a kid was from the Irish Rovers, who for a time in the early 1980s, dropped the 'Irish' from their name and began playing country rock instead of their Celtic folk music they were known for. This one was a huge hit in Canada, and made the Top 40 in America. Best song about getting too wasted at a house party you'll hear this week:

And back in the 1960s, a band out of Florida called the Royal Guardsmen capitalized on the popularity of Peanuts by recording a hit song called "Snoopy vs. the Red Baron". Once you got past the Snoopy-themed songs, you would quickly realize this group really wasn't all that good (they had maybe one half-decent song in their catalog beyond any Peanuts related tracks). This is probably the most irritating song from any of their records:

Then again, "Airplane Song" couldn't have been that bad if Red Bull licensed it in 2010 for a commercial promoting their Flugtag competition, right?
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One of my family's Christmas holiday traditions was to listen to the legendary Bob Rivers on or around Christmas. As a kid I never appreciated this song, but now that I understand what it's parodying, it's my favorite thing he's ever produced.

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