Comedy, Novelty, and Parody songs: The Best, The Worst, and Your Favorites. NO WEIRD AL! - ...okay, fine, some Weird Al.


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Necroing this thread to bring you something I wish I'd never heard of.

The answer to a question absolutely nobody asked, meet the Beatle Bronies:

You can listen to their magnum opus (and their many other albums) here. If you're imagining autistic monotone over classic Beatles backing tracks, well you'd be correct:

Rated 0.93/5 on rateyourmusic.

The tracklist if you're curious:

A picture of two of them posing with Ahmed Best:

There's just so much from these guys and it's all so terrible.

Their YouTube channel. 102 videos!

Choice cringe:
The bronies IRL:

Robert Sanvagene

Autistic Lives Matter™
Australians that rented Dumb & Dumber on VHS back in the day got this as a special treat, just after the trailers but before the main feature.



Is bringing a gunn to school... BEWARE!
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In 2013, rap legend Faggot Bruce burst onto the scene, released three amazing tracks, then disappeared as quickly as he came. Nobody knew who he was.

The next year, a short-lived show debuted on FX with the main character's rapping voice sounding oddly familiar...

The show's creator and rapping voice of Chozen, Grant Dekernion, was found to hold the copyright of the Faggot Bruce character. Mystery solved.

Pictured: Big Brucie from the blacktop.


Is bringing a gunn to school... BEWARE!
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RIP Joe Diffie.

When I was a kid in the 90s with shitty 90s country playing nonstop at home, this chubby dude with the mullet and cop mustache singing upbeat novelty tunes about pickup trucks, tractor paint, and Rube Goldberg disasters was always a welcome sound.

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Even back in the 50s they made nasty songs for fun and some managed to get to the public.
Though I'm sure it was in small, limited releases however way they got it out back in those days. A lot of recordings like these often went unnamed for years as well. Such recordings were often shared by recording engineers and colleagues as well. I'm sure a radio station at the time wouldn't be caught dead playing such a track without the FCC immediately getting on their ass. I see this recording got a 45rpm release in 1974 according to Dislogs, that record is probably worth a lot nowadays.

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Dont care how played out it is, this is still my no.1 favourite metal parody song


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Hatsune Miku's Love is War got a parody about cedar pollen:

It's not on Youtube anymore, so here's the niconico link.