Comfort Food


Four Door S'more Whores
Aug 9, 2019
Normally I make Thai food for comfort food and also as something I can eat throughout the week since you can make large amounts and they taste even better after cooling outside of a few recipes. Recently this chink got recommended to me and this recipe in particular is delicious, makes me feel like I'm a kid again watching LOTR: The Two Towers while eating potstickers. Made a big ass pot of the stuff and have been eating it daily for the last 3 weeks.


Trying to find the meaning of Life, no luck so far
May 29, 2018
Butter toffee peanuts, they’re like crack to me. The only downside is that they’re REALLY bad for your teeth and even more so if you find a nugget of pure toffee in the package.

Johan Schmidt
Mar 21, 2020
A heavy beef stew with suet dumplings. Or a cheese board with meats, pickles, with sea salt and rosemary crackers. I can take whatever drink with them, but the best I've found to go with the flavours is kiwi cider.


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Apr 6, 2021
Scotch that smells like vanilla with a hint of motor-might-quit like my mom’s old mixer and Homemade pan-fried gluten free chicken breast tendies.

I’ve almost got the drunken food improv part down pat for recreation for the tendies and I’m hoping to remember to measure ingredients next time so I’ll have a recipe to share.

Word salad is an appetizer.

Smaug's Smokey Hole

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Sep 7, 2016
Split pea (with ham) soup. Cooked low and slow so it is super thick.
Was going to say (yellow) pea soup myself.

Put this on the stove.
Go back to bed.


The priciest ingredient is the salted porkbelly but for €3(~350grams) it's enough for 4-5 liters of stackable soup. Dried peas, yellow onions, salt, pepper, spices, bayleaf, those are practically free. Shamefully I haven't eaten a thermos of pea soup in a cold forest this year, it's a thing we do around here...

Certified yellow pea soup fanatic.