Comfy games and recommendations - Sitting comfy while the world burns

For me it's crafty-buildy games that I can zone out to for hours while I'm creating shit. Minecraft, Terraria, Starbound, and the aforementioned Stardew Valley are all good examples. Also Fallout 4 funnily enough. If you load it up with a few of the big-dick settlement mods the base building is actually pretty damn good. I do enjoy more survival focused shit like Subnautica and Conan Exiles but I can't really call them "comfy" games what with death looming over you constantly.


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World of Final Fantasy. You play as siblings who run a coffee shop. They get sent to a world full of creatures to tame and Final Fantasy characters to interact with. You can stack chocobos on the protagonists' heads.

First Kingdom Hearts. How is going on adventures with Donald and Goofy not comfy?

Rimworld. Play it on peaceful for a more traditional comfy experience.

Planet Zoo and the first two Zoo Tycoon games. Zoo Tycoon 2 lets you walk around and care for the animals. Amazon has a digital download for the gold edition of ZT2.

Ghost of a Tale. You play as an adorable mouse bard on a quest to save his wife from rats. Possibly one of the cutest stealth games out there.

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Okay this is going to go contrary to what literally everyone says about the game, but I think it's comfy...
If you haven't already, I HIGHLY suggest you pick up and play S.T.A.L.K.E.R., Shadow of Chernobyl. At *least*, Call of Pripyat is the most polished of the three games but for pure, unfiltered atmosphere, Chernobyl is the one to go...
Expect to mod it a bit for it to be playable... But don't overdo it on your first run, get ZRP to fix bugs and maybe Autumn Aurora for the increased immersion, but I still insist that this game is one of the most comfy games in the entire world... It has its moments of pure bliss, It's also one of the most immersive and atmospheric games and once you really get into it, the dark and bleak moments make the comfy times chilling at a camp of fellow Stalkers all the more comfy. The amount of free time you likely have now is a perfect time to pick it up and give it a go, (on a sale, this shit can be like $3 on Steam on sales, and sales are very common for this game). It's a game that despite its flaws and jagged edges, I most certainly recommend to play through at least once.

Okay okay, for general comfy shit. I'd honestly recommend Terraria if you haven't yet played it. It can get really fucking harsh later on but the general fun you'll have with the game more than makes up for the stress of ''hardmode'' corruption spread... I would also recommend Minecraft if you have friends to play with because there's something about single player Minecraft that is really inexplicably eerie... It won't hit you straight away, but after a while playing, there's a real feeling of emptiness and loneliness that comes with it... If you keep yourself busy with building projects and are autistic enough to plan your entire playthrough out then sure, go for it... But you'll hit a point where the single player game starts getting jarringly eerie and lonesome. Afterall. There's an infinite world, and just you... You're the only one who can build, everything you do... Is just a small drop in the ocean of near infinity space... No matter what you build, as great as it could be... Only YOU get to see it, and the world is far too big and open for anything you do on single player minecraft to at all affect the game... You as the player practically become a slave to the vastness and pure freedom... With that freedom, you become stressed with it... You become unsure whether or not that month long building project was even worth your time, you begin to question your own sanity... It's a perfect example of how giving total freedom to one man will eventually whittle down his psyche in the void of a procedural generated open world... All of that... In a building block game...
...With that said, the sheer creativity you have with it is amazing! It can be very comfy just to pass the time!
A side note. I *personally* find Brawl to be quite comfy, just because I find it viscerally fun to play... Though I don't own a Bing Bing Wahoo machine and the majority of us here are probably PC fags anyway so feel free to disregard that.

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Sega Rally Revo is very comfortable and the first thing that comes to mind, I would have posted this 2-3 hours ago but I started playing Sega Rally and zoned out completely. It's not like intensive racing games, the car should be thought of as a puck or curling stone gliding through the tracks. If it feels squirrely you are trying to steer the car, don't do that, you're supposed to nudge it.

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Morrowind. Oblivion too, if you can find a mod that changes the NPCs faces to not look like Garbage Pail Kids.
This was back before the nexusmods era for Oblivion mods, so god knows if even half of them are still around anymore, but I ran into one combo of mods back then which was really comfy.
Unarmored and hand-to-hand overhauls, crafting mods, a needs mod, Midas Magic (remember that one by name), and some other expansions to the restoration school. A sprinkling of other mods, too. I remember Shadowcrest Vineyard specifically.
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Made all efforts to capture human bad guys alive, so they could be turned in to the rightful authorities.
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Made it through nights of the nine and dick-punched Umaril to death twice without any of the Crusader's gear. Joined the Mages Guild (on the strength of my healing magics, mostly) and punched an overhauled and more powerful Mannimarco and his undead army in the dick. Good times.

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Death Road to Canada is a nice little game where you can make yourself or whoever, and try to survive. It's different each time and you'll probably die often, so games don't last long.

Best of all, it can be co-op (easiest on the Switch) with a friend in the room. Fun times.

And utterly ironic right now I guess, haha.
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The first Fallout.
Old adventure games like Dreamweb. It's abandonware now so knock yourself out.
I also recommend Orcs and Elves for Nintendo DS (it might have been released somewhere else too idk).
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Finna give you some choices that will get me rating autistic but I know I'm righteous....

Bulletstorm: Schlocky and energetic but with enough death mechanics that create a very basic skill set/ weapon modification system. Set on a beautiful damaged abandoned world, the story doesn't overstay its welcome.

Secret of Mana: As much as I like chronotrigger this feels more basic and less epic and thus more comfy.

The order 1886: This was never as good as it was hyped to be but I found the story made up for the lack of monsters. The 3rf person shooter is my favourite genre do your mileage may vary but this is low-priced now and might be okay for a lazy Sunday afternoon play-through.

Sleeping dogs: The storyline never impressed me but the vibe of this version of Hong Kong at night with the radio turned to canto-pop or classical is nice. Got some interesting mechanics like restricting guns and focussing on Arkham style combat.
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Visual novel hentai games. watch the world burn and nut your greatest nut like its your last.

Those games where you bounce a bouncy boi into blocks.

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Chibi Robo
For anyone playing Chibi-Robo! Photo Finder on the 3DS, I'm sure everyone knows this, but just in case... you're better off going through this list, find an image on whatever search engine you use that closely resembles the silhouette, and then take the picture of your computer screen. To help with the accuracy if the picture is behind a white/light colored background, invert the color on an image editor and then take the picture.

The problem with this game is that the majority of items are items found in japan only (like the electrical wall outlet, which is literally the second silhouette you have to take a picture of)

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Flicky is one of my favorite Genesis games, it's a really simple sidescrolling arcade game where you rescue a bunch of chicks from hungry cats. It's in pretty much every retro collection Sega has made in the last 15 years andit's on Steam for like $1