Diseased #ComicsgateThe Culture Wars Hit The Funny Books!

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    I have to say, I am disappointed that we weren't interested in this thing enough, and I am most disappointed in myself for not making this thread earlier while some of the more exceptional drama was happening live, and as a result we lost some amazing content.

    This OP will thus have to be as much of an excavation as it is a summation, so anticipate some 3rd-party videos whenever archives are absent, because I am trying to fill in as many gaps as possible. This will be a very dense post, and it will probably get denser if we (re)discover some stuff and have juicy updates.

    I am also open to corrections of course. and will be proofreading and adding to this OP as we and the autism go on.

    So what is #Comicsgate? This article (OG, Archive) seems to be a very good jumping-on point, with a brief, yet detailed overview of some of the players and initial events, plus it's in a very neutral and sane tone. It is a highly recommended read.

    The basic gist of it #Comicsgate that the comics industry has been in a very hard slump, despite Superhero movies basically taking the place of the action blockbuster in terms of income and profits. The #Comicsgate movement contends that this is because of major companies (mostly Marvel) changing its flagship heroes to "Diverse" heroes, among other changes to pander to SJWs, and thus creating a material disconnect from the heroes that are raking in the cash for Marvel Studios, this has later expanded to nearly all other companies, with the exception of DC Comics so far.

    This slump is also affecting smaller companies like IDW, which experienced a dizzying %91 drop in Q3/2017 revenue, citing "“industry cyclical downward pressure driven by market leaders” in a very thinly-veiled jab at Marvel. Comics stores are experiencing a %20 drop.


    What I want to really focus on 1st is the key players in this autism war (spoiler: most of the prospective lolcows are on the Anti-CG side, similar to the other autism war we all know and love):


    Mostly consisting of YouTubers, their typical style is to ruthlessly roast and dissect bad comicbooks (And praise good ones), with some other videos that are meant to reply, debunk, or comment on events that happen in the comics industry. Their outlooks are Conservative in nature, though I don't see any MRAs in the leading figures, but I wouldn't rule it out.

    So far, with the exception of some sperginess and overreactions, they have been largely containing their autism, largely choosing to focus on their task and evading various attempts by Anti-CG figures to stifle their efforts. They have so far not developed a Vordrak or any similar kind of controversial figure. There has been one exception: The #MakeMineMilkshake controversy, in which some comic spergs REEed because Heather Antos and co took this photo:


    Heather Antos claimed to be harassed (which I keep finding conflicting claims about), and a hashtag was born in support (#MakeMineMilkshake). Of course, the oh-so-harassed Heather Antos couldn't resist taking another photo, just to rile people up:


    The #MakeMineMilkshake is considered the event that crystallized the Comicsgate movement after its previous build-up of complaints.

    Amazingly, a reasonable portion of the ProCGers's roast videos tend to get vastly more views than the comics in question have sales, especially Diversity & Comics (A typical Diversity & Comics video will get anywhere between 2-to-10 times as much as the subject comic).

    A word of advice is to be very wary when using your Burner Twitter accounts to follow these people, because some AntiCGers seem to have a blocklist going or something, I discovered that I was blocked by some of them, with no interaction whatsoever.

    If you find any important Pro-CG spergs other than the ones below, then let me know and I will add them, especially if they have lolcow potential.

    Diversity & Comics:

    Initially introducing himself as "Zack", later doxed and revealed to be Richard C. Meyer, a former Marine in his late 30's-early 40's, he has been the leading voice and probably the de-facto leader for the Pro-CG, to the point where he was begrudgingly named as the #85 most powerful figure in comics this past year. He is by far the most aggressive and strategic of the Pro-CG figures,

    Until recently, his videos have been pretty shit from a production values standpoint, typically recording during his lunch break from the middle of NYC, so it's not uncommon to hear wind noise or truck horns, he also tends to use his cellphone camera to record his videos, with awful shakey cam at times. However, he has lately learned how to use OBS and bought a better phone with a good camera, so this pain point is mostly resolved. Though he always coughs in his videos no matter what.

    His Twitter account is also unbearable, as he loves to quote-reply his opponents and retweet supporters. But what makes his presence tolerable is that he is a funny guy (at least to me).

    He also has his own comic, sponsored by his Patrons, and has allowed it to be roasted by other comic YouTubers.

    There has been multiple efforts to harass and deplatform him by multiple parties, including a weird-ass "stalker" (keep reading), coordinated copyright strikes, and trying to take down his Patreon as well. There was also an exceptional plan leaked where multiple comic pros colluded to attempt provoking him @ NY Comic Con in order to get him escorted out, we covered that one here.

    YouTube (1, 2).

    Capn Cummings:

    The self-styled "Supervillain of The Internet", he is attending Community College at the age of 33, has mentioned being in the Army at some point, and was recently banned from Twitter for reasons I don't know about yet. His videos in general have better production values than D&C's.

    YT channel (Main,