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Have you ever wondered what would happen if a fundamentalist Christian preacher would happen to stumble upon /pol/ and /r/CringeAnarchy? Common Filth Radio is a podcast that is hosted by a Puritanical Christian lunatic who is unhealthily obsessed with chronicling the declining moral standards of the western world.

While most Christian preachers are quite ignorant of internet culture, Common Filth has ventured into the worst aspects of it. As Common Filth is incapable of understanding sarcasm, he falls for obvious troll threads on /pol/ and judges society as a whole based on them. He thinks that a large section of the Alt-Right is literally into traps because of a few weirdos on /pol/ who create troll threads regarding the alleged superiority of transgenders.

He personally believes that most modern white women are degenerate. He believes there is a trend among white girls to name their male children as “Caitlin” because of Bruce Jenner. He is also convinced there is a hidden epidemic of white women fucking dogs. He has used clips of Family Guy (Brian the dog getting hit on by a white girl) as further proof of this phenomenon. He also thinks that the Alt-Right is so obsessed with transsexuals due to the degeneracy of white women fucking dogs.

Common Filth has a lot of idiosyncratic terms. My personal favorite term of his is “natural aristocrat” which refers to homosexuals. Common Filth believes that there is a gay mafia or Homintern conspiracy that wants to create a new aristocracy consisting of homosexual Ubermensch. He is also triggered by the existence of Milo Yiannopoulos because he’s homosexual and a prominent leader of the Alt-Right. He regards the Alt-Right as degenerate as he considers them to be anti-Christian and pro-pagan, and that it is secretly led by a homosexual cabal.

Common Filth unironically supports the Westboro Baptist Church and Atlah Worldwide Church. He talks about how most Christian preachers in the western world are apostate with the notable exception of Brother Dean, a mentally ill miscreant who wears “virgin pride” t-shirts and holds signs saying that women deserved to be raped if they dress provocatively. He has also praised some moral teachings of fundamentalist Islam as being superior to the secular West. It should be noted that he has a great disdain for the west due to its secular traditions.

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This video is relevant when it comes to discussing this man. Personally I think he fits the title scitzocow since he's clearly mentally disturbed; in his own words he spends 8-10 hours "researching" obscure fetishes that usually involve gay people on tumblr, and rather than blame himself for being dumb enough to do willingly do that, he instead blames it on his own race.

He also "ironically" supports ISIS (1/2/3) because they're apparently not gay compared to white people, except for all the transsexuals in Iran and ISIS members having so much gay ass sex that they've damaged their rings and need diapers to cover up the constant leakage :briefs:.

What makes the above more baffling is that CF will attack /pol/ and the alt-right for being ironic about their "kek worshipping" because "todays irony is tomorrows sincerity", but that logic somehow does not apply to him because of reasons.

His fanbase is probably the most interesting and most disturbing part of the shitshow though, because they're rapidly morphing into a religious cult. These people are actually glad ISIS exists, beg for forgiveness because they're white, and the reason they believe all white women fuck dogs probably stems from mommy and daddy issues at home (these screencaps were taken from a video about a husband recording a video of him talking/arguing to his abusive wife just before they divorced). If it continues the way it is, the first- and most likely last - common filth fan meetup will be evacuating planet earth before it's recycled.
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Thanks for the thread OP, now I don't have to spam the Alt-Right thread about him.

I've been listening to his radio show for quite a while and I'd like to sperg a bit, so my apologies in advance for any potential incoming :autism:.

I really don't know what I could say about the bumper stickers besides that people around you will give you weird looks as most normal folks don't spend their spare time watching animal porn for the purpose of "research" or "morbid curiosity".

I have nothing against people deciding to become devout Christians, all power to them, but I don't know if even "ironically" supporting a terrorist militia that at this very moment is conducting genocide against his fellow Christians in Iraq and Syria is a very Christian thing to do. :\ And what really irks me about his embrace of Christian fundamentalism is that it's actually a very recent thing on his part. If you don't believe me just listen to his much earlier episodes. In fact if you remember his first 20-ish episodes and compare it to how he is today, it's like listening to audio logs of a person's gradual descend into madness. I'll definitely re-listen to some of his earlier episodes, because if memory serves me well back in the day he was asked about his stance on homosexuality to which he was pretty apathetic IIRC, at least compared to what we have now. At this point not even the various clero-fascist organisations from (South-)Eastern Europe that often patrol the streets and brutally beat up gays tard rage as much against them as CF does.

On the plus side he does give us some delicious gems. One of my personal favourites is that according to him only scoffers carbon date minerals in order to look for reasons to dismiss “undeniable moral teaching of scripture”. His best "wisdom" though has to be when he said how the Bible is the antidote to insanity. Listening to him doesn't inspire me with confidence in this claim to put it mildly.

I have no idea what happened to him (though I have my speculations) but listening to him you don't need to be a shrink to notice that something went terribly wrong at one point. He's also internet buddies with Davis Aurini and Matt Forney each of whom is an epic tale of cringe on his own. I don't know the exact details of their relationship, but CFs antics about women do have a loveshy vibe. I guess dysfunction not only begets but also attracts dysfunction.

How old is this guy and how long before he finds this thread?
IIRC he said in a recent episode that he's 26. As for the second part of your question, I don't know. But when he does expect him or his fanboys to claim how "angry we are at him" like /pol/. :lol:
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Fuck his radio shit but those Tumblr compilations he puts together can be pretty funny.

Med-resistant AIDS

*dog noise*

I stopped keeping up with his podcast pretty early on but I continued watching the tumbristas videos until he stopped uploading them recently. The series that is apparently replacing it is just weird and not entertaining. It definitely feels like I'm watching someone's descent into madness at this point.

EDIT: Apparently there's a new tumblristas episode up!

EDIT 2: The ending is...weird. Just kind of dissolves into weird voices and indistinct mumbling. I think researching all this bullshit really fucked him up.

Oh also I think this all started from a Facebook page called "full house memes 2"
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I like his videos. Very entertaining, though they can get depressing fast. Especially when it's kids spouting this kind of shit.

Never listened to his podcasts, though, so I don't know much about him. I think he's kind of like the people who browse /pol/ a bit too much: they either become incredibly jaded and smug, or they fall into despair. He belongs in the second category, but I think that instead of just taking a break from anything politics or morality related for a little while, he just kept on going. And going. And going again, further down the depraved rabbit hole.

So he just went batshit.

And not even a productive batshit. He just keep hurting himself by looking into this stuff, without having any hope that this can be fixed. For example, his current obsession with proving to himself and everyone else that the white race is utterly fucked beyond repair is just getting kinda sad.
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Huh. I saw the new tumblristas earlier and thought, "I wonder if CF is on the farms yet." There it is. He did start out from running Full House Memes 2 ( with one other person, he still admins it. From that came Tumblristas which have generally been pretty funny. Eventually he devolved into the hour long podcasts and it became apparent that he'd gone (or always was) completely insane. I always wondered who the guy was, he's done quite an exceptional job of staying anonymous.

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