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Nov 25, 2017
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The gif mocking Kevin Gibes's selfie angle is now one of the top gifs on Discord when you search for "trans."
Update: Kevin is now pretending to not be bothered by this fact.


Sep 10, 2021
Usually halals have to be sanctioned by Null or some other staff member.
Hoping that if the boxershorts47 one is 100% certain, The entire debate thread can just be moved with the tag slapped on and the page where he gets doxed linked under his original post.


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Jan 15, 2019
It's funny in the sense that it's a snappy joke, but it's still at the expense of his real-life daughter. I wouldn't want my father think of me in sexual context, let alone him telling people about it. The filthiest of comedians won't even go there.
Christ ... I need to spin up a fainting couch business. I'd make a killing.


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Aug 1, 2020
Ruben Sim made his official response video in regards to Roblox suing him for $1.6 million

He was mentioned a few months back:
Popular youtuber Ruben Sim is being sued by video game company Roblox for 1.6 million dollars for alleged terrorist threats. If you don't know, he famously exposed admin Bob Pieron for following a pornography account on his twitter, who then never got reprimanded in any way for this, and khas been perpetually seething about Ruben on his Twitter ever since. If you are as schizo as me you can already connect the dots.
I usually don't like eceleb drama but if they win this lawsuit this is going to set a precedent. Don't you dare piss of the jannies or you will get targeted by the tech elite.
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