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I wonder if she had anything to do with those AHS scumbags. They always seemed to have CP to post on any subreddit they didn't like.
I wouldn't bother pressing AHS. They always deflect with "we don't have cp, the 3 hour old accounts that suddenly spammed a subreddit did"


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Drooling mutt leader kills 9chan and is starting Minecraft server to monitor behavior of retarded subjects in a 3D environment.

Florida Man and his nefarious Pikachu nicknamed "Tattoo" try to commit shocking murder.

Australia Man has uneventful day.

Americans Canadians can't stop painting stupid stuff on roads. Shocked when cars run over them.

India tries fixing the Ganges River but people just keep throwing shit in there, along with corona-victim bodies.

Local Kiwi @Y2K Baby is still missing. Was last seen in Varanasi, India scavenging for fart fumes while on vacation.

Local gay kiwi's "Top 5" contest was fake and gay from the start to the surprise of no one.
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Nah, only Canada would be this autistic. Day of the rake can't come soon enough.
San Francisco did something similar with a rainbow crosswalk years ago. Someone painted over it and the city denounced the act of hate and how it cost the city over 100K to have made it in the first place. Which raised other questions.

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QAnon is on a new conspiracy

And by new conspiracy they've noticed Wayfair and their retarded prices and thought they're into human trafficking.

Apparently many products have girl names, and it just so "happens" that the girl names, even some of the more "uncommon names" are the same as missing girls.

I don't know why they'd charge retarded prices for their products or why someone seems to have a fetish for naming their products with human girl names, but Wayfair has stated that it was a glitch in their system and that the products would be "renamed".