Community Watch Guidelines - how not to be a threadbanned shitlord

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First and foremost, we are here to laugh at exceptional individuals. We are not a personal army. We are not red hats. We are not here to moralfag.

On occassion there will be threads made on groups that may be upset you personally. If this is the case, do not post in it. Move on to something that you can laugh at and enjoy reading or contributing to. Outrage posts will be removed. Continuing to outrage post will give you warning points or a threadban.

Do not try to pull some stupid skid shit. No one is going to be impressed by your ability to run Zenmap. Ddos, breaking in to databases, brute forcing accounts, distributing malware, and site defacing are also illegal. Don't do it or encourage others to do it. You will be immediately threadbanned and given warning points.

If you feel that a community with a thread in this subforum is crossing the legal line, do not take matters in to your own hands. Message me or an admin and we can discuss an appropriate course of action, if one needs to be taken.

Read the rules at the top of the subforum. They are there for a reason.

If you feel a post violates the rules, use your report button
. Do not feel like you are bothering me by making a report or messaging me regarding an issue with a Community Watch thread. That is what I am here for. What will bother me is seeing ten users dogpile another over a post that none of them bothered to report.

Most importantly, enjoy yourself and have a good time. That is the purpose of this subforum. The internet is not worth getting angry over.
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