compensation for lolcows? -

Andrew Noel Schaefer

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Man. I dont know what I would do if someone trolled me by giving me five bucks. Probably sperg out here about brushes and ovens.


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If I were trying to pay for movie rights or something, I think that Chris or someone like Donny Long (fuck paying him anything though) could make for an interesting reality tv show or documentary, at least three times as interesting as watching Brianna Wu and Zoe Quinn cry over mean tweets and fake threats again for the seventh time.


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I'd be willing to put a small amount of money in to a central fund which would be randomly given to a lolcow who agreed to sign up and post in a certain thread. A lot would probably jump straight in despite peddling a "KF is the devil" narrative on twitter and so on

Mark Corrigan

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And many of these lolcows, including every last one of them that has come to Kiwi Farms to confront us, is an attention whore. It doesn't matter how negative the attention is, they are a somebody here on the interwebs. They are, in a sense famous, when in real life, they are absolute nobodies. Now, me personally, I wouldn't take their particular flavor of "fame" if you paid me for it, but for them, it's all that really keeps them going anymore. I honestly would not be at all surprised to find out if Chris still lurked these forums, but didn't engage (because he has at least learned that every time he has engaged with trolls in the past, it has always, without fail, blown up in his face)

So yeah, why should we pay them? They're getting all the attention they so desperately want, but won't dare admit to wanting.

Agreed. They should be paying us for immortalising them. Chris' life is better documented than Britney Spears', for fuck's sake.

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