Concert Bootlegs - because fuck going outside


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Been digging through old concert bootlegs I got off usenet a while back. Recently listened to Dave Matthews Band from 2006 (nice enough with a pretty good quality recording), Led Zepplin from 1969 (cool but not as great a quality), Rolling Stones from early 00s (shit quality from some handheld recorder way in the crowd, kinda fun for the is-ness of hearing a bunch of people singing along and stuff).
tv special rather than a bootleg per se but whatever

MG 620

I loved my precious concert bootlegs before Napster came along. They were especially amazing back when there was no youtube and easy file sharing, and especially when the artist/group normally didn't put out any live stuff officially. The sound quality was often crap but it felt "real" .
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Dime-A-Dozen, Trader's Den, Yeeshkul, Jam To This and ZOMB are all torrent sites I have used for many years. Also, Guitars101 uses filesharing links. I am mainly in to classic rock but I have tons of bootlegs, studio stuff as well, for all my favorite groups. I'd check them out if you like bootleg recordings.
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Welcome to Silent Hill faggots.
There's one live show I like listening to. T.S.O.L. Code Blue because in the end you can hear a gunshot

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