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Confess your literary sins

Discussion in 'Art & Literature' started by The Master Debater, Sep 27, 2015.

  1. As mentioned in other threads, I've written really terrible MLP sword and sorcery fan fictions that have nothing to do with MLP besides some scant references here and there. I think I'll always create things that are really embarrassing, regardless of whether they're good or not.

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  2. Aren't those the best type of MLP fanfic?
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    NotAKitty Och, I eat the sides first, y'ken?
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  3. I mean yeah, the one character I wrote who was going to do explicit stuff got his head bitten off, and he existed so that I could finish off the story much quicker. IIRC the story only got one like on FIMfiction and 12 dislikes.
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  4. Luckily that situation resolved itself

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  5. I write and draw a comic that features way too many characters to keep track of and develop properly.
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  6. I've been writing since I was a really little kid. Before my family got our first PC in the early 90's, I used an old typewriter that my dad primarily used for putting our business's address on envelopes and I write manuals and technical material for a career, but I've never submitted anything I've ever written for publication anywhere. It hadn't crossed my mind in years.

    I haven't even showed another human being anything I've written in almost 6 years, which is something that just dawned on me this morning when I was randomly looking at some old flash drives that I found stuffed in a drawer containing some old novels-in-progress that never got beyond a second draft (and likely needed several more before I would deem them fit for human eyes). While it is true that I had a bit of a writing slump in 2014-2015 and spent a large part of 2016 trying to get back into the swing of things, it's not like I've stopped writing (though I am way behind on my goal for the first half of this year).

    For the most part, I think it's because to me (a massive introvert :powerlevel:) writing has always been a solitary thing and even my most ridiculous, schlocky sci-fi and detective stories (okay, that's all my stories) are incredibly personal. Plus, it always seems I keep falling into this trap of "okay, this was just a practice novel and my next one will be the one that I'll put on wattpad/fictionpress/book country ect." and then onto a flash drive and into the desk drawer of shame it goes. See you in half a decade, thing I've dumped 100+ hours into.
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