[Confirmed] Chris's recent Walmart altercation - Updated -

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I just got this from a very reliable source.

There are no further details at this point and nothing more substantial than the message above.

I'll provide more info as I get it.

My friend just texted me that Chris is/was at WalMart causing a scene. I texted her that he just got out of jail for macing someone and she said that he was yelling about having pepper spray. So he's threatening people now with it, I'm assuming.

So if he disappears again, he might actually be back in jail.

OK, I have confirmation....

Before we start, I realize that I'm going to get a lot of flack for the way I handled this: I had Renee contact Chris. You'll notice from the texts that Renee is trying to reason with Chris regarding his feeling the need to "protect himself". I may continue the conversation with Renee simply to try and convince Chris that he's being unreasonable and paranoid (although I'll try to be a bit more subtle about it.)

Yes, I used the threat of Catherine not wanting to have anything else to do with him because he's become violent. This is actually something she's done. The Game Stop incident gave her the perfect excuse to break off contact with Chris and she's taking it (more about that later).
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Well, this is interesting. He really doesn't learn anything unless you punch it in twice
I'll be available to do my police scanner business since I'm on break, thank god.

Initial speculation: Might Chris have bought the mace at Wal-mart and be complaining about how he got in trouble for using it to "defend" himself?
That makes a lot of sense actually, I could see Chris trying to get a refund or claiming that Walmart sold him an illegal product because he got arrested over it
Also, sorry @Hellblazer, looks like you'll be moderating on overtime until at least February if this is how Chris is carrying on
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