Connor Murphy - Fitness Youtuber Popular For Taking Off His Shirt, Had a Full On Mental Breakdown and Became Spiritual. Currently Livestreaming Starving Himself to Death

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Jun 13, 2020
Fitness youtuber and uber-chad Connor Murphy, who is mostly known for approaching girls with his shirt off, has been losing his mind lately.

He had a full on mental breakdown a few weeks ago and went missing for a few hours. He was eventually found and was institutionalised for a few weeks.

Right now, he is livestreaming himself fasting for 40 days. He is on day 2. He's going to die before he reaches day 40. But I imagine someone will intervene before that.

Update 2:
Okay, update on Connor Murphy.

He's on day 8 out of his 40 day fast.

He just had a phone call from from a Mental health service worker. - Time stamp 1:37:20

He pretty much had a meltdown on the phone. Spoke a bunch of nonsense about being spiritual, and that he feels the best he has ever felt. How he faked being mentally ill to recreate Jesus Christ or something. Something about Jim Carrey being a Jesus figure. He spoke about how he reached the perfect life in terms of wealth and success, and that he was still unhappy. So that's why he became spiritual.

He refused to give out his address, or any private information to the Mental health worker.

No doubt the Police will come knocking. Holy fuck, this is really escalating. Not sure if I should make a thread or not, but man this is entertaining. This is the next Etika meltdown.

He's livestreaming right now here:


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Mar 16, 2019
This thread should be on articles and news/happening board, instead of Internet harvest board.

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Oct 22, 2018
Ok, not much here so I did some digging.

Video where he declares he is going to not eat a piece of food for 40 days, change the world and livestream the entire thing:

Someone pleading to Connor to be sane in comments of this video:
Screenshot_2020-06-23 40 Day Fast Day 9 Connor Murphy.png

His channels I've found for now:

His Twitter:



I tried uploading his mental health call but it is not working will try again later
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