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Connor Murphy
Before beginning, I have to give a shoutout to JamalActimel and his initial comment that made me look further into this guy. I messaged him asking for some info and he firehosed me with information like I was a bad, bad girl. I'm going to be honest with you guys, I'm hooked on this man's life. It's an emotional story, Kiwis. He's the modern incarnation of Icarus. How does a man go from guaranteed multi-milion views per Youtube video to being fortunate to break 50k in only four years? Let's find out.
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Connor Murphy, 26, is originally from Austin, Texas. His career started in the 2015-2016 era of Youtube when the """prank""" fad was in full swing. His video format back then was very simple. Much like a porno, he would devise a flimsy premise to be shirtless around a woman and then kiss her, get her number, etc. He was not the first to do this, but he was one of the most successful. Here is a clip from the old days, you may find him familiar.

Connor Murphy Vs PrankInvasion - Kissing Prank​

(Youtube link)

Asking Girls to Take My Picture | Disguised as a Nerd | Connor Murphy​

(Youtube link)

The Connor Murphy Fake Shirt Trick​

(Youtube link)
These videos were immensely successful, garnering between 1-15 million views a pop. Those are better viewing averages than PewDiePie. So how did he get to that position? He worked out, moved to California, and jumped on the grind to launch his acting career.
Let's discuss his workout routine. It's been a matter of debate if he has used steroids, and if this impacted his mental decline. We know he's taken psychedelics that 100% fried his brain, but steroid use remains contested. Here are some articles discussing the matter. Those that think he's clean cite him having worked out since 13 and having smaller shoulders/non-flushed skin. Those that think he has used steroids because he could bulk up rapidly and began losing hair. This hair loss is what people believe made him (allegedly) quit taking steroids.
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You're a good looking guy, you had millions of views, but you're losing your hair. Whether or not he took steroids, we factually know he took ayahuasca. And like most gringos who take ayahuasca, it spit-roasted his brain until they had to move his ass to an institution. This his first mental breakdown on camera. This is late 2019/early 2020. The video was taken down, credit again to JamalActimel for providing this video. The content is hard to describe. Within the first few seconds you can see he is in the middle of a mental breakdown. He is jumping in between emotions, similar to bipolar disorder. He is speaking indirectly of suicide and makes a not-so-vague suicide threat that will be carried out 30 minutes after this video was uploaded. There are a few topics he mentions that must be discussed below.

Good-Bye (First Mental Breakdown/Removed from Youtube)​

As you can see, he is disturbed. He mentions his parents being unable to be happy. His sister's suicide attempt is being blamed on him, but he feels strongly that his parents are manipulating everything. He mentions that it's all just an act - something heavy psychedelic use causes people to say. This is usually paired with suicidal ideation, which he jumped into almost immediately after his act shtick. Our boy Connor is unhappy.

This is the last anyone hears from him for weeks. What happens after this video is uploaded is that he goes for a walk, friends see this newly uploaded video and call the cops, the cops apprehend him and he's deemed a danger to himself. He's institutionalized for 2 1/2 weeks, and the person who comes out is not the same as the man before. Here is his next video discussing what happened after his suicide note video. Pay attention to his explanation, but also notice his eyes, face, and the general transformation that has taken place. He's incredibly different.

Yes, I'm Alive. And I'm Sorry | Connor Murphy​

(Youtube link)
Connor confesses he took ayahuasca, but also that he was joking in the previous video. Now, I will not comment on the potential steroid use because I don't know the truth. However, I am sure this acting statement is false. His future videos will disprove that entirely. Ever since his drug use (which did not end after his institutionalization) he's become increasingly manic. Every video where his mania presents itself he has a similar look and action - like in his first episode.

So where do we find Connor after his mental breakdown? Well I'm sure it's not so ba-

Drinking Semen with Tracy Kiss | Connor Murphy​

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(Youtube link)
Oh, Jesus Christ. So we see he's drinking cum, and if you didn't watch this video like a bitch boy then you might assume he drank his own cum. You would be wrong you fucking hetero. Take one look at this photo and tell me who's sucking who off. :story: :story::story:
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Connor Murphy’s First Time with a Guy​

(Youtube link)
There's nothing I can add to this video that is crazier or more informative than the Youtube comments and this video. He sucked a dude off for the health benefits. It's not gay. Stop saying that. The other video is from Nicolli Lerikos, and the first half definitely got me good.
Lastly, I'll post this crazy act where he drinks his own peepee in public.

Drinking My Own Urine in Public | Connor Murphy​

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(Youtube link)

That brings us to the present. Today Connor is still sampling himself and others. He claims to have found happiness, and yet is still prone to bipolar-like outbursts. I say "bipolar-like" because it seems medical professionals are still unsure if his mood changes are still drug-based delirium or outright bipolar disorder (see video Yes, I'm Alive. and I'm Sorry). He operates three Youtube channels, and a Facebook. They are all updated regularly, and it exhibits how...unique his mental state is.

Today I would describe Connor's mental state like this

Jake Paul Touched Me Without My Consent - Serious Story Time | Connor Murphy​

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(Youtube link)

The last part of his main Youtube channel I'll share with you is this conversation with his parents. It's more recent, and it destroys any illusion that this is an act. The insane way he looks at and speaks to his parents makes it impossible for me to watch all of the way through in one sitting. His parents look incredibly concerned. Apparently his father traveled to LA to be with him after that conversation.
This video is recent and it's clear Connor has passed the point of no return psychologically. It is possible he could stabilize himself, but it doesn't seem like he wants to. The pressure to be a perfect physical specimen is hard to handle, especially with millions of fans criticizing you constantly. Combined with living in LA, a superficial city, it is hard to blame the guy for snapping. But if all he did was snap, quit drugs, and recover, he wouldn't have a thread.

I Took A Megadose of Ayahuasca and Filmed My Reaction | Connor Murphy​

(Youtube link)
He said he's "taking science and spirituality, and combining them together." This is a shameless plug, but also he sounds almost exactly like Connor Murphy Shorts, a second channel meant more his "quirky" comedy ideas. More recently it's been dominated by his spiritualist woowoo stuff. His newer third channel, Connor Murphy Talks, is all about his mysticism and meditation.

Bald Vs Hair: Girls Rate Connor Murphy | Connor Murphy Vlogs​

(Youtube link)

The REAL Holy Trinity - Connor Murphy Christmas Speech​

(Youtube link)

His videos on Facebook are also different. Most of them are creepily asking for women to give him a "soul-gazing kiss" as an ad for his onlyfans or stuff like this
Please watch the first 7 seconds

In conclusion, Connor Murphy was an A-tier Youtube celebrity with his whole life ahead of him. Just four years later his career has stagnated, partially because he was unable to keep up with the ever-evolving Youtube landscape where prank videos were falling out of fashion. But also because he became overwhelmed by the stress that comes with being immensely successful for their looks. Nothing lasts forever. His temporary drug use exploded into a lifestyle that will be difficult to get him out of. Let this be a cautionary tale, Kiwis. This is a man too prideful to accept help, and will blame others for his own shortcomings, and yet too insecure to change his life situation. I'm not sure what his next story arc will bring, all I know is there's enough peepee, poopoo, and woowoo to go around. I will leave you with these two new videos which may give you a good glimpse into the future.

Socials: Youtube Main (archive) - Youtube Shorts (archive) - Youtube Talks (archive) - Facebook (archive) - Onlyfans - Snipfeed
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didnt he threaten suicide at one point?
Im certain this happened. You should probably add that event to the op
Indeed, I may not have made it clear enough in the OP. The video titled "Goodbye" is where he threatens to commit sudoku in the bathtub 30 minutes after the video is posted. Instead, he goes outside for a walk and his friends see the video and call the cops on him. This leads to a two and a half week stay in an asylum. He explains the aftermath in the following video "Yes, I'm Alive. And I'm Sorry". The suicide threat seems to be where everything in his personality began to change imo

Interesting, first time seeing that video of him breaking down crying infront of the camera like that, some sad shit. I've seen quite a bit of Connor over the last year or so, threads about him crop up regularly on /fit/ and several fitness youtubers I follow have made videos about him.

The guy was saucy as fuck imo and he's all but admitted to it, someone asked him if he did steroids and he proceeded to talk for 20mins about how it's a scale and nobody is completely natural or completely juiced. Nevertheless it's always interesting to watch soemone slowly lose their mind.

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Been waiting for a thread on this guy, this did not disappoint. Almost feel sorry for him but ehhh, he should've just come out and made an OF like every other homo on the planet and not destroyed his three brain cells

Oh and he definitely was not natty.


At least my third leg is still working.
Oh and he definitely was not natty.
Lies. He ate clen and tren'd hard, like every natty Bb. But, I digress.

A video from More Plates More Dates says that Connor himself leaked his own bank info. Try to find that, and include it in the dox. Great thread regardless though.

Bit of a heads-up: Derek sounds like the usual gymbro, so don't get too annoyed at the slowness.


ya'll often get the deets wrong
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great thread!

in this post in the older connor murphy thread, he did a video saying that he is going to not eat a piece of food for 40 days, change the world and livestream the entire thing:

Someone pleading with him in the comments

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