Skitzocow Connor Murphy - Body Building Youtube Superstar turned Drugged Out Peepee Guru who Drinks Cum for the Health Benefits

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Coomer collects his marbles while half-assing a fake fake natty saga. He uses irony armor to address his chest eating itself during too many fasts and claims to only be on the semen shakes and steering clear of 'roids because he wants hair to be healthy.

What's amusing about this particular video is that literally just four days before he posted it, the other guy in the video, Jesse James West, posted his own video in which he and David Laid joked about Connor's substance abuse issues and sexual degeneracy:


Mama, nobody sends you a turd and expects to live.
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Connor and his whore girlfriend seem to be branching out into bad, scripted pornography:

Nerd Gets Rejected, But Then She Gets Stuck! | Connor Murphy

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He linked to the second part on his Only Fans, in case anyone's enough of a degenerate to actually watch it:
I’m sure it’s a goofy troll, maybe they show cleavage or yet more of Conner shirtless.

Shit looks grim. They have an apartment with $50 worth of cheap furniture and metal doors. Neither look good enough to make amateur online porn or OF. They could however still have a few years left to make some decent money sucking dick in person for money, but at this rate of decline they won’t even be the $50 BJ circuit in their 30’s.

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