Conrad Aaron Collins / Diginée / Digibro / Digibrony / Otaku Gonzo Journalism & the Pro Crastinators Podcast - Pedophile, Two-Faced Weeaboo Ponyfag Youtube Analyst Who Wants to be a Loli + Drama, Friends & Enemies

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Feb 11, 2016

Digibro and his girlfriend PantsuParty are both pedophiles.
Their new gender identity should never excuse them for being sexually attracted to children.

Digibro admits live on air he is aroused by "little girls getting fucked".

Digibro tells Mumkey he wants to have a life in solitude with a child bride that is also his sister.

Digibro is a mildly successful anime review youtuber who has found himself in a bit of a downward spiral that kicked off after recent drama involving the Procrastinators Podcast (PCP), something him and his friends run. And he even has a shady past, proclaiming himself publicly as a "lolicon" (meaning he has a thing for young anime girls, aka lolis) for many years. In fact, he has outright said that he actually wants to BE the Loli.

And an old project he worked on seems to indicate a fascination with MtF trans lolis. This was "Salome's Wish" which is filed under "anime shit" in the links segment later in the OP.

salome 2.png

PCP Drama

The disstrack above was created after the Procrastinators kicked youtube Mumkey Jones out of their group because him and his fanbase were mocking Digibro's friend known as "Endless Jess" or Jesse.

Initially Jesse left after being fed up about being poked at, and then declared that he would only come back if Mumkey was removed. So Digi wanted to bring Jesse back and thus he stabbed Mumkey in the back. He blames Mumkey directly for the actions of other people that he can't control. Even after he asked the trolls to give back the EndlessJess domain that they had stolen (The final culminating incident in this whole drama)

Several videos have been put up by the people involved telling various sides of this story. The important ones however are Mumkey himself, and the main subject of this thread.



And another good summary was given to me by my assistants who helped research this for me.
Summary of drama
-beef with Mumkey audience began because he made fun of an autistic kid after being called unfunny
-Mumkeys friend Cream man makes a satirical "threat" towards Jess
-jess loses his shit and blocks anyone associated
-Cream man buys and uses it to host a website calling him a thinskinned asshole
-mumkey fan mrmeatman learns about the ssituation and starts calling Jess a hypocrite on his youtube channel (can dish it out but cant take it)
-pcp member mumkey jones starts getting shit from jess and digi for being friends with cream
-convinces cream to sell it back to jess for regular price
-they keep shitposting about him
-jess keeps giving mumkey shit
-jess eventually leaves internet and pcp after another meatman vid is released, this time defending mumkey
-mumkey is voted off for jess to return (without both of their blessings)

Here's a... something that Jess got made fun of for posting.
He's literally playing in shit water.

The Endless Jess saga also dredged up a lolcalf going by the handle Awesomekurt, a brony 4chan tripfag who is infamous among his peers on a site called EFchan. He was a fan of the PCP and payed money so he could pretend to be Mumke's friend.
Side story: awesomekurt
-pcp fan that learned of mumkey through them
-friends with jess after making a video about mlp from a disabled persons perspective
-paid mumkey 20 dollars to pretend he was his friend. (mumkey has a thing where if you pay enough he will say anything at the end of videos. Kurt used it to promote a video and made mumkey call him a friend)
-eventually retracted his patreon pledge after being told by Jess about Mumkey situation. Tried to use it as weight to get mumkey to stop, then leaked dms to Twitter
-mumkey fans investigated his history and found be used to tripfag on an mlp 4chan-derivative called 'efchan'
-he was infamous in the community for sticking a sharpie up his ass and getting it stuck

Here is the sharpie in ass post in question:
breaking point.png

Now to address the rainbow colored horse in the room, the reason why Digibro's thread was originally in the Animal Control subforum instead of lolcows. He got his big start by being part of the brony community on youtube.

Like these posts he still hasn't cleaned up off the internet


His public pining for cartoon horses is so...

This was bad enough to be put on r/Cringe

wew lads

He's also admitted to tracing art of his own character (Digibrony), meaning that he was lazy af.

His transformation from Digibrony to Digibro was a saga in and of itself. This was covered by Horse News. (Filed in links under drama)

His channel has been terminated on at least one occasion due to DMCA strikes and when news reached the Brony community the said "lol who cares", to which he shrieked on twitter blaming them for why he wasn't making videos pertaining to their fandom any more.

And this also upset some of the posters on the MLPForums, who mourned the loss of one of their "best" analysts. Though others weren't as fond of him as OP was.

Conrad has been mentioned before in relation to Jerry Peet and Anthony Aguilar, two other people with threads here. Specifically in the lolcow wiki entry for Aguilar.

main accounts:

less active accounts (the fuck?)

anime shit:


other sources:

Digibro's enemy "That Anime Snob" is a cow in his own right, and as I promised when I first wrote this OP he has a thread now too.


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Nov 18, 2014
This bootleg John Lennon lookin dweeb has been long overdue here. He's been covered by the news a few times for his channel:

His dad is very proud of this fact. I wonder how proud he is of the lolicon fetish.

Some other animation related YouTubers have also been dunking on Digibro lately, here's Nolan from RebelTaxi's podcast which Digi guested on once. He doesn't have much support from anyone left.
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Jan 2, 2017
the second i saw him ramble incoherently about how he doesn't like mumkey's friends for 30 fucking minutes i knew he was in for a thread
i highly recommend this podcast where they invite him in for a king of the hill video and it turns into mumkey's friend tearing into digibro for 30 minutes about his pedophilia and child sexualizing & terrible videos

don't forget he's also an ASPIRING RAPPER

Aug 27, 2017
Theres a few missing details in the OP post about really specific shit that happened during this whole drama, such as the massive public meltdown AwesomeKurt had in the MumkeyJones Discord Server, and how he will copyright strike any reupload of the Handicap's Perspective for some reason. I really do think he would be an interesting target to go after tbh.


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Dec 7, 2016
Funniest thing about this guy is that he's as elitist and pretentious about anime as his 'enemy' Anime snob. The guy once made a jerk off of that shitty Kill la Kill series and went on how dumb and retarded you gotta be to not appreciate its very smart and artsy animation. All anime fans are lolcows


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Dec 9, 2016
I looked up "Digibro Exposed" out of curiosity. I stumbled across a video by Gigguk (another anime channel) on his secondary channel, GigTalks. He raises two key points, Digibro wants more anime content like his and that Digibro is not personable to his audience, making his content boring and uninteresting.
EDIT: @Feline Darkmage posted the video that Gigguk is responding to, it seems
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