Conservative cooking streamer Sasha Gray knows exactly how long 12 inches is when she sees it -

Rice Is Ready

How did she get popular? She always looked like a 5/10 at best, like that weird looking girl you knew in high school who everyone said took it in the ass
Probably because she reminds us all of that slutty girl next door. The town bicycle that would even let the weirdos hit it. The cool down to earth girl you would wife if she wasn't a disgusting whore.

One of her streams I watched on Twitch was a PO box opening stream and she gets so much mail from inmates and autograph hunters. It's entertaining the weird stuff she receives but it's also awkward how they all try to praise her for her acting, DJing, etc while it's obvious they really only care about her porn.

What I can't figure out is whether she believes their BS or not. She apparently dislikes her porn past so why does she reply to all these guys? Does she not see through their stories? Does she just like the attention? Was the anti-porn stuff she said also just for attention?
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