Constance Wu has bizarre reaction after news of ‘Fresh off the Boat’ renewal - puts the Crazy in Crazy Rich Asians


Actually Patty Hearst/Fake Jan Brady

Asian American actress Constance Wu had a big meltdown over her ABC show Fresh off the Boat getting renewed for another season.

She basically tweeted that it was bad that her show got renewed, presumably because she thinks shes above everyone else. Essentially she took a huge shit on the entire cast and crew.

A bunch of industry people came forward saying she was an insufferable bitch to work with. So much so that her CRA costar and vastly superior being Gemma Chan liked (then quickly unliked) a tweet about her being a nightmare.

Constance then tried deleting her tweets and posts but unfortunately theres this thing we call archiving so we never forget an asshole. Also offered a weak ass apology

She's also said other shit, stating that Scarlett Johansson being cast in Ghost in the Shell was basically blackface....except its not.

Oh also a lot of Asian industry insiders are turning on her as well. Maybe Scarlett can play her in the new season of FOTB?


Ha, imagine working in an industry where only 5% of your potential talent pool actually make a comparable living in terms of other career choices, and only 1% of that actually hit the point where they're making really good money, and being this entitled.

I know Asians can be rude, but a little graciousness is probably in order for Ms. Wu.
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I am tragically familiar with that "UGH you're making assumptions" nonsense. If you ever knew a person who couldn't admit to being flawed in any way, every single tantrum they ever made was actually meant to be full of joy and you just don't get them.

She's not even worth cussing over.

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