Constance Wu has bizarre reaction after news of ‘Fresh off the Boat’ renewal - puts the Crazy in Crazy Rich Asians


Yes it is I, Patty Hearst
wu nigga, do you need a helmet when you walk around.. are you that special?
“Some people call it ‘yellowface,’ but I say ‘the practice of blackface employed on Asians’ because that’s more evocative.”

Meanwhile ScarJo is walking all the way to the bank with her cheques and preparing for the Black Widow prequel.

Marissa Moira
She's always been a weird lady.

I have a friend who does the catering service for the studio and she makes the most insane demands. She demanded that Tang be served at all parties and gatherings that the company was to cater.

Except she would take the drink mixture and add shit to it like drugs or laxatives in one instance, she intentionally spiked it with weird shit. Like one of the makeup artist got blackout drunk from just having one of the weird Tang drinks and then woke up with a bunch of compromising pictures that Wu took of her while passed out.

This because such a common occurrence that people knew that the Wu Tang was nothing to fuck with.

Word is she was mad because the show's schedule keeps her from being in more movies. She wants that because it's a bigger payday for less work and it helps stop you from becoming that person on that TV show.

That set is going to be fun once production starts up again. Ms. Movie Star wanted everyone else jobless.

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