Contacting the Tenacious Unicorn Ranch 05/04/21 - Tom X Tranch: Will the Tranch accept another pedo?

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For those of you visiting from the Tranch thread, here are highlights from last August, the last time Tommy went on a road trip to visit someone. It's a bit much to get through, so here's the TLDR version:

Tom meets a man he describes as his "Kurdish Prince" over the internet. Before ever actually meeting him in person, he rants about how they're getting married, they're soulmates and "they" are immediately going to sell HIS house, and go on a perpetual road trip as DJs on a pirate radio station (with the working name of Boomer Cougar Radio). This is news to his potential paramour. Upon arrival Tom does things such things as beg for money, demand food and eventually chimp out to the point that he gets kicked out. Tom laments that his one true love was just another transphobic talking turd while said ex (of a few days) tries to claim that he was just auditioning the granny tranny for a band and was completely ignorant of his of past shenanigans and present crazy plans.

He's late returning his rental pickup due to being involuntarily committed. That's an entirely different story, though, mainly kicking off the "death of Tommy's father" story arc.

1. It begins.
2. Doesn't talk about the "relationship" until the end but a good insight into Tom's life if you're not familiar with him.
3. The delusion grows.
4. ...ew.
5. We have reached peak Tooter.
6. In which violins start playing and angels cry.
7. Robert's side of the story. It's easy to see that while not being truthful he's at least not as batshit insane as Tooter.

In all seriousness, I know that we're hoping for Tommy to establish himself at the Tranch. Between what he could offer the Tranch, his "business skills" as a craftsman and stone trader and the sheer stubbborness of both sides wanting to prove that KF was wrong about them, it seems like a match made in hell. However it's likely that Penny and co. will just end up blowing him off rather than actually blowing him.
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Is it true then?

@Miss Tommie Jayne Wasserberg did you willingly contacted a pedophile transgenders to help?
I suggested it. I think he could do a lot of good over there, especially for the animal welfare.

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Love the quote about arguing with fools, I have personally witnessed the pipers son arguing with fools on a regular basis.