Content Creator Lolcows - Which one had the biggest fall?


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Everyone on internet-famous board is normally some content creator that let their pride get the better of them and lead to them becoming the cows they were today having huge falls from graces as a result of it.

Good example Arin Hanson, his terrible choices and unwillingness to listen t others lead him from going from the most beloved animator on newgrounds and youtube being offered jobs in literal cartoon shows to a forgotten relic.
Now all he does all day is he now forces his politics down many people's throats to the point everyone that has once loved him has completely abandoned him, and all those jobs drying up due to his own ego getting in the way resulting in him burning those bridges.

These choices that anyone would have thought were obvious, these people fucked up on solely because they didn't think beyond themselves because they managed to convince themselves some bullshit that justified that stupid choice.

Mumkey Jones is a good example of that.
He literally had everything including a girlfriend who paid the bills and supported everything he did even when no one else did only to throw it all away to get with a girl who didn't even like him and preferred literal children.

It is sad seeing how easily people will throw away everything in the world solely for their own egos and seeing them decline after showing so much promise.


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I liked Pan Pizza/Rebel Taxi a lot but I’m tired of him being a hypocrite. He and his liberal friends will smugly cancel people only for one of their friends, (Nolan,) to be outed as a groomer which they quickly shoved under the rug.
Jesus man had no fucking idea, I watched Pan for a long time, I still watch some of his reviews like the Nickelodeon movie ones but never cared about the podcasts. Took me off guard that Nolan was a pedo but tbh not terribly surprised. Pretty sure everyone except Jim smears shit on the wall in that group.

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This post will be much lazier than the other lolcow profile post I've made, which I put a lot of effort into. I recommend you read it as the subject of that post, catface, definitely fits the theme thread since he is yet another content creator lolcow.

Leadhead, mass TMIing troon extraordinaire

My brother recently came across a YouTuber he used to watch by the name of Leadhead. He saw two Half-Life lore videos by Leadhead he somewhat enjoyed, and then moved on from his channel intending to see more videos about interesting topics. Unfortunately, he came to discover that Leadhead is now a tranny, and trannies fucking suck at making videos. His last few videos have been horribly pretentious. His new channel trailer displays this quite well.

An even greater indictment on Leadhead's narcissism seeps into his new content is his LSD: Dream Emulator review, in which he barely addresses the game and talks about his transsexual fetishism and TMIs really really fucking hard about his hometown, to the point that a user recognized where he lived from the blurry footage he used in the video (more on that later):


Before we get into more pictures/videos of Leadhead as a tranny, here's a few pictures of him before he trooned out:
This one is from the thumbnail of a video that's just an EAS or some shit

In a video on his second channel before he announced his transition, we can see him with painted nails (and possibly eyelash extensions?) as he sings a parody of some Yakuza or whateverthefuck song? It seems like the tranny flu had infected him earlier than I thought, but started out slow drip.

At some point, he decided to start doing personal videos, where he would show up on camera wearing his iconic pig mask.
The pig mask in question:1622948266653.png
These videos had quite good reception and weren't encroaching on or overshadowing his usual gaming content. His first and second videos about his personal life did not particularly interest me, but were honestly not tough to watch and only minimally pretentious:

This trend of making personal videos had quickly lost its charm as quickly as the third video in, when on February 5th, he uploaded his 200k subscriber announcement video. In this video, he makes fun of and completes an old video idea he came up with for what is a slightly inappropriate amount of time (a good 15 minutes of his Mr. Plinkett knockoff or some shit I ended up skipping), and then announces that he is trans-questioning and has been trying to figure out his gender identity for 5 years.
The video is way too big to upload straight to KF, so here's a MEGA archive:
and about 21 minutes into this video, he shows up on camera and explains that he is most comfortable when he goes out looking like this:

Personally, I believe him to have less gender dysphoria than your average troon, since he has made a number of videos on his second channel singing in his low and unfeminine voice and seems to have literally no problem with acting like a dude, and contrawise has trouble acting anything like a female. It appears to be purely an aesthetic preference.

On the 10th of March, Leadhead's channel was hacked by a Bitcoin scammer, who unlisted all of his videos and posted a Bitcoin scam advertisement, but forgot to change the
password. Leadhead had a panic attack, logged back into his channel, republished all of the videos, and then made a video explaining the hack and TMIing really fucking hard again, also insisting in spite of a complete lack of evidence that the hacker must have been a transphobe:


Leadhead also has an Instagram where he posts creepy selfies and rambles incessantly about the struggles of being a troon.

Those heckin' transphobes chudcels are known to assault or kill trannies apparently? Also, of course he has to tell everybody how terrible he thinks weapons are for internet brownie points.

"Would you fuck me? I'd fuck me..."

Going for the millennial college-aged dyke look there, I see.

Pig mask

No comment...

Maybe he doesn't need that pig mask after all since he can pull off a pretty damn impressive pig cosplay with just a little bit of makeup and an elderly woman's clothes he found at Goodwill.

And to finish off the Instagram part, here's one of his posts nearing self-awareness.
What he doesn't realize in posting this is that him looking anything like a woman is a totally unrealistic standard.


Through Leadhead's complete and utter stupidity, and the help of autists (you know who you are), we tracked down Leadhead's location, something he was paranoid about people finding. Leadhead's concern for people finding out where he lives is ironically countered by him stupidly filmed his town with a shitty blur that hardly obscures important details of where he lives. One commenter who lived in his area recognized this place, and exclaimed that it comes from the same town.1622947446747.png
Upon looking into this commenter's mostly-barren channel, we found that his About page he boasted about being "from Instagram". On his Instagram (@droppinbops), he proudly dispalyed his state of residence as North Carolina. He also linked a LinkTree page with several other Instagram pages he owned. I shit you not, there was like 4 different pages. On his cosplay account (@sharpteethprettyteeth), he had several posts tagging him and posts of his own of him cosplaying with friends, and these posts by and large had geolocation tags stating that they were taken in Charlotte, NC. This revelation, combined with context clues from LeadHead's video about the population size and other attributes of his town, blurred footage he used, and looking up small mountain towns in NC via Google and Google Earth, we discovered that he lived in the modestly-sized town of...

Hendersonville, NC

If it wasn't enough that he divulged almost all of this information of his own free will, he constantly TMI's about embarrassing moments in his life and brings up his town's population as often as autists talk about trains.



This kind of shit has slowly become part of his gaming videos as well.

Social Media
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Merch Shop - (Archive)


I can't be bothered to write a conclusion this time around, so fuck trannies I guess.

P.S. Thanks to everybody who helped me with this post, especially that stupid fan who self-doxed Leadhead's state of residence, I couldn't have done it without you, or maybe I could have done it without you, but less efficiently idk.
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Dude, this is basically an OP. Do something with it.
I felt it would be inappropriate to make a thread because I think it would be woefully inactive as a thread since the cow in question only makes a video every once in a while and most of his social media is inactive. Maybe I could post an OP though, I wouldn't be opposed to doing so.