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some vintage Nykytyne2:

Isn't that like the perfect summary of the SJW troon cult that Nyk has joined and now represents as "The Pope Of Woke" bathing in gold?
Don't these SJW cult members too try and create a "hell on earth" for anyone who refuses to go along with their delusional bullshit?

Oh the battleship-sinking hypocrisy of becoming extactly the very thing you once condemned in your youth. Fucking sell-out.

What a childish argument; as if the 'problem of evil' and issue of god's compassion not being congruent with the existence of hell wasn't considered for literally hundreds of years by people far, far smarter than Nyk. To be fair, it looks like this must've been made in Nyk's early edgelord-20's, but if this was the personality type that was popular during the Youtube Atheist era, I'm glad I mostly avoided it entirely since I was focused on other, better things in the 2000s. All that's lacking in this video to complete the stereotype is a neckbeard and fedora. He accuses a religious audience of 'not thinking it out', when it's clear he hasn't even done a cursory read of the basic religious apologetic responses to this issue. And as @Nykysnottrans points out, the ironing is delicious in how closely modern far leftism resembles religious fundamentalism in terms of the woke and the unwoke; the righteous and the damned. Certainly modern lefty gender politics requires a gigantic leap of faith in terms of accepting 'feels over reals'.

FWIW, the response from a (reasonable) Christian person to this Nykytyne2 video would be something along the lines of 1) adherence to one particular faith does not guarantee one's salvation, nor does denial of a particular set of religious beliefs guarantee one's damnation (considering that most Christian branches tend to focus more on the importance of good moral actions over belief alone, though admittedly there are some extra batty denominations that focus on belief), 2) evil is the absence of good, in a way similar to how darkness is merely the absence of light, 3) it is a greater good to permit humans free will (and thus, the capacity for evil actions despite how awful it can be from our perspective), 4) hell is the absence of being in god's presence, which was something freely chosen by the individual -- not really so much an infliction of punishment by the creator.

The medieval imagery of hell as depicted in Bosch's triptych is understandably inspired by earthly notions of war, carnage, terror, torture, etc. Supposedly it's just using physical metaphors for what is primarily a spiritual experience.

I'm not trying to steer the topic of conversation too off-topic, and I really don't care about the faith or lack thereof of other posters, but it just seems like Nyk just never had much intellectual honesty to begin with back when attacking religion was the popular and fashionable topic for Youtube discussion. It's weird to see how incredibly changed his cadence, direction, and aesthetics are now from where they used to be -- truly an illustrative casebook example of someone with no strong sense of self-identity being swayed into whatever particular thing is trendy at the time. I honestly won't be surprised if in the near future the Contrapoints channel is similarly abandoned and Nyk re-emerges with a new identity once youtube trannies stop getting a bunch of attention and patreon bucks.

It's hilarious to me now (scoff), but there was a time when it caused me a lot of pain...
A time? Does he mean "5 seconds ago"? Dude, if you were over it, you wouldn't need to make 40 minute videos about how everyone else just doesn't understand. You wouldn't need to bring up internet trolling about how you don't pass, you wouldn't need to cringe away from your old videos. If you actually didn't give a fuck that you weren't born upper-class, you wouldn't need to spend 20 minutes justifying how "taste" is really just white-supremacist snobbery while covered in a bizarre mix of aquarium filler and sample sale rejects. Why are all your examples of sad consumerist fetishism just Walmart and boring mall stores? Shitting on people who buy cheap groceries and somewhat overpriced body wash is easy, why don't you take aim at people who buy shitty cars just for the badge? Or (forget the stickers, Hontra, anyone can buy bumper stickers) people who attend poor quality private universities just to signal that they could afford to blow up $180k majoring in technical theater?

Oh, right, because shitting on people poorer than you is always easier than picking a fight with your social equals or betters.

Some morbid curiosity made me watch the video, and it appears to be another video mainly about himself. Some bones thrown to various groups of his audience here and there though. I especially liked the implication that people preferred the unpainted statues because they just disliked "colored" people. I don't even know if Contra believes that shit, but he surely understands that a large part of his audience does.

Other than that...50 mins of this is way, way too much.


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Nyk included Buck Angel in his most recent video, huh? Balsy move, some of his cult followers are going to accuse him of associating with "gatekeeping truscum!"
I know. Here's the video that Buck Angel posted back in the day where he defended gatekeeping in medical transitions:

I'll be fucked if Nyk hasn't already seen this video.

I will never forget reading one of Julia Serano's stupid essays (where he tried to debunk Blanchard's taxonomy but it was really just a long rant against the idea of AGP being sexual fetish) where Julia said: "transsexual men are not typically portrayed in a hypersexual manner, nor are they depicted as being sexually motivated in their transitions". I remember reading that part and immediately thinking, "Oh really Julia? don't pretend you've never heard of Buck Angel, you fucking liar.".

I don't think Nyk gives a shit though that Buck Angel is a transmedicalist truscum who supports supervised medical transitions, ie gatekeeping. I think Nyk just wants to pay famous trans porn stars to be in his videos for the faux edginess of Nyk being rich enough to hire famous porn stars. Remember, Nyk openly admitted that he did not meet an actual trans person IRL until he was 26; before that, his only exposure to trans people was through the trannie porn he was obsessing over on BlogTV. Trans people have always been nothing but a sexual gimmick for Nyk, Nyk had completely pornofied trans people in his mind before he considered becoming one himself (remember what GNC Centric said about "trannie chasers who become trans themselves to gain sexual access to trans people."). Same reason he brags about his association to Natalie Mars, another trans pornstar. If like, "I am so rich and famous now, trans-bitches chase me, I ain't got no time to chase trannie hoes.". You can't say "Kiwi Farms" on /r/ContraPoints but the moderators will let you post hardcore trannie porn starring Natalie Mars for Nyk's underage fans that follow that sub.


Contra compares Gigi Gorgeous to Jeffree Star in a video where Gigi is "going to Walmart for the first time". Contra appears to believe that Gigi has actually never been to Walmart before, and that he grew up rich.

Gigi's Wiki article says he went to St. Francis of Assisi School, Iona Catholic Secondary School, and then dropped out of George Brown College. Both St. Francis and Iona Catholic Secondary are listed as being part of the Dufferin-Peel Catholic District School Board. Canadian Kiwis should correct me if I'm wrong, but everything I can turn up says that Dufferin-Peel is publicly-funded-

The Dufferin-Peel Catholic District School Board is Ontario’s second largest publicly funded Catholic school system and is located on the shores of Lake Ontario on the western border of Toronto, Canada’s largest city. With 123 elementary and 26 secondary schools, throughout Mississauga, Brampton, Caledon and Orangeville, we serve over 85,000 students in the urban, sub-urban, and rural communities within our area.
Which would mean that Contra skimmed the Wiki, saw "Catholic schools", assumed it meant the same thing in Canada that it does here, and totally bought that Gigi is actually the kind of clueless rich person who has no idea how to act in any of our simple pleb retail establishments.

Dude. Paris Hilton was KIDDING when she asked if Walmart sells walls.


Just skimmed the thread, but a choice message from "communist android":
Cis people choosing contra to basically be the one voice on all non-cis stuff is easily one of the most frustrating things about breadtube. No other trans or nb people are even close to having as large of a platform as her and a lot of them only get platformed on here when they defend contra during some drama and her stans need to find some way to excuse her of any sort of culpability for her actions. As much as contra complains about performative wokeness from well meaning libs who make her uncomfortable, maybe the real issue is performative wokeness from shitty cis brocialists who silence trans and nb voices the moment they start saying things that they don't like?
It's amusing how divided the Left is. It's to the point where "liberal" has become a sort of insult hurled by the wokies at left-leaning people not quite as enlightened as they.

(I suspect his mom being overworked with 4 kids also played into her desire to pacify Nyk as a wayward child).
Is Nyk a middle child? What areas do his brothers/sisters work in?


I am so confused. I tried looking up “transmedicalist” but I can’t make any sense of it. Defining trans people as having body dysphoria is bad now? How can you even be trans if you’re ok with your body?
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I'm more amazed he claims to have never met anyone that has ever worked in a factory.

Just skimmed the thread, but a choice message from "communist android":

It's amusing how divided the Left is. It's to the point where "liberal" has become a sort of insult hurled by the wokies at left-leaning people not quite as enlightened as they.
Its not about woke levels. Socialists, communists and leftist anarchists specify liberals because liberals still believe in capitalism. They don't consider liberals left leaning but right wing. The distinction makes sense because their base line ideology is entirely different. In regards to real socialism, not food stamps or state welfare. One requires the complete destruction of the current day society while liberals are content with the capitalist status quo. The two groups really don't have much in common other than social justice leanings.
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Sissy Galvez
Nyk is getting full on #cancelled again

View attachment 972429
These types have no money and no clout to cancel him. Hate to say it, and nick knows it, but the vast majority of his pay pigs aren’t leaving. His Patreon won’t take a hit in any capacity and he’s come through this clearly not caring what the weird Twitter tranny police think anymore.

I wonder if he’s hired PR or has a manager to handle his brand. He’s clearly doing what he needs to do for his wallet.


Let's go crunch some numbers!
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These types have no money and no clout to cancel him. Hate to say it, and nick knows it, but the vast majority of his pay pigs aren’t leaving. His Patreon won’t take a hit in any capacity and he’s come through this clearly not caring what the weird Twitter tranny police think anymore.

I wonder if he’s hired PR or has a manager to handle his brand. He’s clearly doing what he needs to do for his wallet.
Bingo. The majority of Nyk's paypigs aren't e-begging troons - it's leftists with trust funds who have a fetish for traps who play dress up, all wrapped up in pseudo-leftist claptrap that they can use as an excuse for watching him.

It's the new, "I'm reading it for the articles, honest!".

I can't imagine
I am so confused. I tried looking up “transmedicalist” but I can’t make any sense of it. Defining trans people as having body dysphoria is bad now? How can you even be trans if you’re ok with your body?
Basically, there are a certain group of individuals (most commonly called things like "transtrenders") who want to be trans, but don't have gender dysphoria in any meaningful way. They resent the fact that the concept of trans-ness is tied to the idea that you...well, that you feel a need to be another gender.

Because the whole concept of transgenderism in a medical sense is that it's a treatment method for gender dysphoria, this obviously causes trouble for these folks with a strong desire to troon out. So, the solution they arrived at is that the medical establishment is wrong, and that they should be able to get all the hormones and surgeries they want without any evaluation beforehand. People who oppose this idea are "transmedicalist" and are seen as "gatekeepers" within these communities. If you've ever heard the term "truscum", it basically means the same thing.

The obvious question that you're undoubtedly thinking of is, "well, if they don't actually feel like they're a woman in a man's body, then why are they trying to be a woman?" To which the answer is: "Shut up, truscum!" Or something like that, anyway.


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The NBs are losing their shit again, this time because of Nyk having Buck Angel in his video, LMAO. It's gonna be a fun fucktrip for Nyk and Oliver:

contrapoints is truscum and the mod team is to for using their place of privilege to shut down NBs
Thank you crazy NBs for ruining Oliver and Nyk's fucktrip once again.
Exactly as predicted, like a fucking clockwork.

Oh wait, they're even having two threads about Buck Angel at the same time...

Can I just quickly drop in to remind you that she's friends with Theryn, and that thanks to her friendship Theryn's views have changed tremendously, and that, perhaps, Natalie is friends with Buck because she realises that hissing at the truscum guy will just keep him being truscum, while talking to him and leading him to new ideas might actually change his mind, which sure, isn't as satisfying as telling him to fuck off, but might be slightly more useful to the cause at large?

Oh, this is the best bullshit take since... 5 seconds ago. "Nyk turned Theryn into a born again SJW, just let him work his magic on Buck Angel as well"., oh puhleez, you know the only reason Theryn went SJW was for the mouthfeel. Unless you cult members are so damn delusional that you honestly believe that putting dear leader's flaccid dick in your mouth will magically make you see the light.

Coke Pope
I am Contrapoints and I am here to ask you a question.
Is a tranny not entitled to the sweat of her neovagina?
"No" says Narcissa Wright, "it belongs to speedrunners"
"No" says Blaire White, "it belongs to grifters"
"No" says Michelle Catlin, "it belongs to white niggers"
I rejected such hate speech, instead, I choose something different. I chose the impossible! I chose Breadtube!
A platform where moral schizophrenia would be rule; where cognitive dissonance would be considered a virtue; where there would be no soyboy nor incel not being pozzed; where the attention whores wouldn't have to be constrained by the lack of an actual audience.

And with the sweat of your maimed genitalia of preference, Breadtube can be your platform as well! Because I may be a dreamer, but I am not the only one.

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