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Obama chuckled. "You mean the chaos emeralds?"
His /r/ContraPoints moderator /u/Bardfinn did that. He's bragging about it here:

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Anyway, I warned these dumb bitches that Goth Dad was gonna come gunning for them almost a year ago on this forum, and they did nothing with that knowledge. I have a hard time feeling sorry for them after I have seen how they tend to shoot the messenger.

Just like a dog returning to its vomit, every single time.
"I am a tranny hall monitor who is STILL on Reddit, checkmate Nazis!"

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What actual woman ends any comment with "uwu nyaa", whatever that means? What an absolute freak.
Certainly not something I've ever heard a woman say anyway.
That's because women almost never do. It's a troon thing, mostly stemming from them being hentai addicted speds and furries. Contra doing it to fit in with his ilk.


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Like that sub definitely won't be missed by me, cause I don't give a fuck, but to call them nazis? They've litterally ascended to the "everything I don't like is nazi" meme
That's classic Goth Dad, he accuses literally everyone on Reddit who disagrees with him of being a Natsee. I have posted about him before here on KF but in case you didn't read that, he's a life-long psychiatric patient, openly admitted he was institutionalized. He's a certified crazy person but Reddit are using him to effectively violate the privacy rights of their users in their place, because if Reddit themselves did what Goth Dad is currently doing for them - which is secretly datamining and politically profiling unsuspecting Reddit users behind their backs with no prior consent obtained - they would be legally liable under international law for violating the privacy of their users. So they use a crazy person like Goth Dad to violate the privacy of their users, because if Goth Dad with his psychiatric track-record ever gets arrested for this he can easily plead insanity and avoid jail. Unlike Reddit themselves who are knowingly and intentionally letting him get away with all this.

As for the claim that /r/GenderCritical was up to its nose in Natsees, Goth Dad knows that's total bullshit, but he knows that no one is going to challenge him to show his work (he can't, because he has no evidence and it's all made up baseless charges). I went to that site where you can generate associational network maps for subreddits and generated the network map for /r/GenderCritical. Most of their redditors simply came from other feminist and LGBT subreddits:


The claim that /r/GenderCritical was supposedly up to its nose in Natsees from far right subreddits is a blatant fucking lie.

Never got to check r/neovaginadisasters but judging by their site (sfw, just text posts) it's just post op trans people complaining and expressing their regret about complications/botched surgeries. So they're basically silencing other trans people just cause they don't walk the line of "transitioning is super safe, never faulty, and can be done right after cutting umbilical cord"
That Wordpress blog is in no way representative for what was being posted on the subreddit. /r/NeovaginaDisasters was not by trannies for trannies. It was mostly TERFs and anti-gay neocons grossing one another out with screengrabbed pictures of and textual descriptions of botched bottom surgeries (mostly cropped from other trannie subreddits or social media), occasionally of top surgeries as well.
Later the TERFs opened up their subreddit to trannies themselves so that they could post their personal accounts about their botched surgeries. Trannies explained to the TERFs that they needed to go their subreddit to post their testimonials because all the other trans subreddits began banning transpeople who wanted to talk about botched surgeries, especially in the context of trans regret. The troon doctrine is that if your surgery is botched, you just get more surgery to fix all the issues caused by the previous surgery. According to the troon cult are not allowed to regret being trans "just" because you went through a botched surgery (that's how demanding and cruel these cultists are). I also remember reading that the mods of the trans subreddits were snitching trannies who spoke out about their botched surgeries to doctors who had made their clients sign a NDA (as these surgeons sometimes do to cover up their Frankensteinian results).

Goth Dad hated /r/NeovaginaDisasters because he's a pre-op trannie who believes that bottom surgery will magically cure all his mental issues. He hates anyone who insists otherwise and shows that bottom surgery isn't some magical cure for mental illness.

Lastly, I find it very telling that out of 2000+ subreddits getting banned, the only one that Nyk saw fit to mention was /r/GenderCritical. A lot of /r/ContraPoints early redditors actually came from /r/ChapoTrapHouse but Nyk apparently doesn't care that the subreddit that supplied him with most of his early troon fans and chasers is no more. Nyk's Tabby Minx the Trantifa character was based on the type of far left troons that frequented /r/ChapoTrapHouse.


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I won't lie, I hope Jeffree Star goes out with a bang by doxxing not just his make-up enemies but literally the whole of Youtube, including Nyk and the rest of trans Youtube. Left, right, centrist, apolitical, I bet he has a lot of juicy doxx on all of them LMAO. Remember that one time Nyk was trash-talking Jeffree and Shane on his Livestream back in 2018? Saying that they were "the gay aristocracy of Youtube"? Nyk never did that again. In fact, he recently said that he wanted to cover his whole body in tattoos "like Jeffree Star". Hmmm, I wonder why Nyk changed his tune on Jeffree... maybe Jeffree slipped into Nyk's DMs and had him listen to an audio file of someone in pain, just like he did with Blaire.

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because narcissists are very good at hiding their true nature in the beginning. Once they’ve succeeded into getting you to be in a relationship with them, is when their mask of sanity comes off. It sucks that I got fooled twice, but now I know their tactics and behaviors, I know what to look out for.
In today's ago any talk of a "feminine penis" is a good sign.