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As some of you might have heard, leftwing Youtuber Michael Brooks is dead at 37 (RIP).
Nyk once did a Livestream with Michael Brook back in 2017 but he privated it:

Politics in 2018: A Conversation With Michael Brooks | ContraPointsLive
13 DEC 2017
I actually saw this Livestream at the time and it was actually really interesting and informative because Michael Brooks was that much better informed on political issues than Nyk was.


Him With Cis Women Autogynephiles
I did some more digging and Michael Brooks apparently died of a blood clot, which to me immediately suggested Covid-19, but his sister apparently insists it wasn't Covid-19:

Lisha Brooks, Michael Brooks' sister, says that he died of a blood clot in his throat which wasn't related to the coronavirus. #RIPMichaelBrooks #MichaelBrooks

hey man I don't mean to be that guy but seeing that Michael Brooks died from a blood clot I don't want to see you go the same way you need to start eating right.

Michael Brooks sister, Lisha, confirmed on the Majority Report that it was a blood clot in his throat that was the cause of death.
Still, people on Twitter are asking if it was asymptomanic Covid-19:

I think that is possible Michael Brooks death via a blood clot may have been caused by an "asymptomatic" Covid-19 infection

Blood clotting is one of the contributing symptoms of COVID-19. With the death of Michael Brooks I am concerned that an asymptomatic person may develop blood clots that could be lethal. While unlikely, I think Brooks' body should be tested for COVID-19.
Others suspect it was drug related:

A famous 37-year-old leftist commentator died from a "blood clot in his throat"? People don't get clots in their trachea. They get pulmonary embolisms or strokes. Drugs increasingly cause ischemic strokes in young adults.
Michael Brooks had Nyk on his show a couple of times since 2017, here are those videos:



Him With Cis Women Autogynephiles
In other news, those of you that follow LGBT Youtube are probably aware of a couple of trans Youtubers who had previously collabed with Youtuber Arielle Scarcella now denouncing her. I just watched this video by trans Youtuber Melody Maia and I want to highlight this part:

And of course our relationship got naturally more strained (cut) until that one event ended it. And that happened when a little over a year ago I went to VidCon in Anaheim because I had won a VidCon creator grant. And to increase my chances of basically speaking to a Youtuber who knows a lot more than I do and actually operates in the same space that I do, I entered my name in for everybody, including one creator that Arielle absolutely hates. And of course, that was the creator that I actually won the lottery for (laughs). And I actually took a selfie with her and then I posted it to my Instagram story. It only went up a little while at a place where Arielle doesn't really go very often but of course she saw it. And she really laid into me and sent me all these things, saying, how could I do this, etc, etc. And then at that point she told me she didn't want to yell at me so she was basically going to cool off later on and then get back to me. So I said fine and I gave her space, I didn't want to reach out to her at all... except for her birthday last July.
I wanted to know who the other LGBT Youtuber was that Melody mentions meeting that VidCon that made Arielle so livid. Guess who it was: both Kat Blaque and ContraPoints.

@ContraPoints @VidCon
Yes! I hope I get to meet you. You’ve been a big inspiration to my little channel.

My @VidCon #goal was to speak to @ContraPoints
. She is doing groundbreaking work and I wanted to let her know how much I appreciated it. Got that chance yesterday and she recognized me from the vagina vid. Not sure I want that to be my calling card, but weekend made!

@kat_blaque Arielle has stopped speaking to me, so I think it’s safe to say we are no longer friends. The turning point came at VidCon when I posted a picture of you and me from a creator one-on-one you did. I’d been put in by a lottery and was curious if you were as awful as she said.

@kat_blaque I think in her mind that confrontation almost became physical on her part because she says you were telling the event organizers that she is transphobic and thus “ruin” her, not that you were going to fight. She’s tiny, so I have no idea what she thought would happen.

@kat_blaque I know YouTubers have restraining orders against her, I know large lesbian events that won’t book her, and I know cis lesbians who won’t watch her anymore. It’s so sad because she can be kind and generous, but she also justifies hurting trans people as “protecting” lesbians.

More tweets at ContraPoints here:
So let me get this straight: Melody Maia went to VidCon specifically to meet the two trans Youtubers who have been targeting Arielle for years, even taking a selfie with one of them... and Maia acts surprised that Arielle got upset that Maia met two of her sworn enemies? I guess Arielle saw at that picture on Instagram of Kat Blaque and Maia together and thought: "WTF?". It must've felt like a total betrayal. I note that Maia doesn't bother to disclose which Youtubers he met at VidCon and doesn't mention the fact that Nyk and Kat have been targetting Arielle for years. No, he makes it seem as if Arielle irrationally hates Nyk and Kat for no reason, when these two guys have repeatedly tried to cancel her. Interesting how Maia conveniently leaves out this pesky little detail.

I also want to highlight this part from one of the the above tweets:

and she [Nyk] recognized me from the vagina vid
So Nyk hates Arielle to the bone and considers her a huge TERF... but he still sits there hate-watching videos of Arielle dropping trou with transwomen? What kind of sick fuck does that? What kind of sick fuck sits there watching videos of a woman he hates showing off her pussy to others?

LMAO, Arielle, if you're reading this, please check to see if ContraPoints is following you on OnlyFans too, LMAO.