ContraPoints / William Nicholas Parrott / Natalie Wynn Parrott / Nykytyne2 - GamerGhazi Cannibalism Victim, Youtube "Intellectual"

I thought it was a reference to this tweet from ages ago.... it makes no sense but why else voluntarily tweet about bringing sex toy cleaner on a trip.
kind of hope it is a joke just so Contra can see all the gullible dumb fucks expressing sympathy and solidarity because they see nothing wrong with having a histrionic breakdown over lube. you get the audience you work for...


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He probably flunked the guidelines and forgot about the 100ml limit for liquids or something like that. And even if he didn't, why would he put sex toy shit in his cabin luggage instead of the checked in baggage when he wouldn't have any use for them there anyway? (Or maybe he was planning to use them in the toilet :cryblood:)
He said he doesn't like to have sex in tiolets "because of the HRT" but who knows...

kind of hope it is a joke just so Contra can see all the gullible dumb fucks expressing sympathy and solidarity because they see nothing wrong with having a histrionic breakdown over lube. you get the audience you work for...
Openly supports far-left violence, acts suprised when Homeland Security notices and declares him a person of interest... That, or TSA is aware of the fact that he's a huge SJW Youtuber e-celeb who openly brags about his drug abuse in almost all of his videos and Livestreams so they decided to take have look at his "liquids". At least TSA didn't confiscate his HRT or his PrEP, so it's all good, party on Nyk.

Drama alert: there is some MAJOR drama going on with the /r/ContraPoints reddit sub.

"This is honestly the spiciest beef I’ve seen on Reddit in a while. It’s like all the mods took crazy pills at the exact same time."

Something to do with a thread about cop dogs and how 40% of cops are wife beaters, and then some mod turns out to be a white supremacist or something (but it's not true, it's just a ploy to take over right wing subs and make them SJW) and then some mods gets angry decides to blanket ban people from /r/ChapoTrapHouse on his other subs, which spills over into /r/ContraPoints.

I don't really understand what happened or what triggered what, but suffice to say there has been a schism in the sub with a /r/ContraPoints2 breakaway sub created to compete with the original sub. (Capitalism approves of competition and supports all endeavours that aim to put an end to monopoly and cartelism.)

Apparently one of the /ContraPoints mods involved in the drama, someone named Dumbsford, is a personal contact of Nyk's and is involved in a group called The League of Extraordinary Trolls, who take over small or abandoned right wing subs and try "to turn them into positive spaces.". He is also the former mod of /r/beatingniggers, /r/rapeworthy_feminists and /r/beatingtrannies.

Here is /r/ContraPoints mod "Merari" talking about the League and Nyk's friend Dumbsford role in it:

Here is an interview with the League where they talk about taking over right wing subs and turning them SJW:

Here is one of the /r/ContraPoints mods alleging that KiwiFarms inspired /r/ChapoTrapHouse to brigade /r/ContraPoints to get them to implement a banbot which would confirm that they are a bunch of left-wing SJW censors (which they are and which everyone already knew even without them using a banbot, because SJWs are Orwellian fascists and censors with or without their banbots):

The /r/ContraPoints2 breakaway sub was formed by the same troons who run /FinalStageRedditIncels, the sub run by anime obsessed freaks I have mentioned here on KF before.

According to this tweet on /r/latestagenderbinary: "Basically if you are out of the loop the mods of Contrapoints are Reddit powermods (they moderate like 40 subreddits each) and they have been revealed as fascist sympathising liberals. They ban all ChapoTrapHouse...

"They ban all ChapoTrapHouse users from r/Eyebleach and r/fuckthealtright (yes they moderate those too) but unban Cringe Anarchy mods. When users started to complain they got banned so we have formed a second sub r/Contrapoints2"

This tweet has some of the highlights, and it's ROTFLMAO classic reddit drama:

Here are some threads from other subs discussing the drama:

What the fuck is happening in r/ContraPoints?

"Shouting orders at everyone from on high in an authoritative manner when they have concerns about the way you run a subreddit is definitely what leftism is all about."

/r/ContraPoints Struggle session ends in ?? threats after brave marxist-leninist-maoist left-communist unleashes revolutionary fury on shitlib powermod. Revolutioncels on suicide watch.

/r/ContraPoints is now smearing me & others here as literal "alt-Right operatives". They have a "plausible working theory" that my "lexical corpus" proves I am a shadowy Nazi agent out to destroy the left by "sowing division" over their 40-something power tripping loser mods.

TL;DR version, the only sensible comment is this:

Lol, the chapo guys don't give a fuck about this subreddit. I doubt Natalie gives a fuck about her subreddit. These people are making fucking bank, they don't care about this nerd shit.

The stuff posted here is a goldmine. /r/ContraPoints moderators are apparently under the impression that their sub got infiltrated by "radicaLARPing edgelords and x-treme-lefty-impersonators". LOL, the far left doesn't believe that there are people who are actually far left.

Does this "Prince Kropotkin" person have a sub here? He seems to be a major source of endless drama on the left side of reddit, and seems to have been the driving force behind the recent drama with /r/ContraPoints:

"Not only did this group of power mods include a Trump-supporting racist, one of them was the top (and thus all-powerful) moderator of /r/ContraPoints, "

This same mod, Merari01, has made absolutely ridiculous e-threats & accusations before about posting being literal acts of terrorism, telling the Chapo mods to "prepare to have your userbase banned from more subreddits". Just a fundamentally wacky 40-something year old loser.

When people went to the /r/ContraPoints sub to ask about all of this, the response was mass bans, removal of entire threads, deletion of comments, etc, which obviously just upset people further & led to the creation of /r/Contrapoints2 and more drama.

This thread is a wasteland, for example, where they basically delete everyone challenging them: . Now we're at the fun point where mods are generating hilarious copypastas and going off the deep end drunk with Internet forum mod powers.

Have to say I appreciate great, totally-sane responses like this one: Seems pretty clear that the top of that mod team needs to be removed before they destroy the entire community in order to save their perches as the abusers of petty amounts of power.

Jesus, I take some time off from keeping up with Nyk's online drama bullshit to participate in some other KF threads and I end up missing out on all this.

How the fuck does Nyk keep up with all this crap going on?

Oh right, he doesn't. Nyk response to is latest drama was very Zen, that's because has just come back from his glorious fuck vacation barebacking on PrEP #nohomo and he obviously doesn't feel like getting involved with any reddit drama after all that glorious fucking. Nyk is too busy taking pictures of himself so he decides to do absolutely nothing but marvel at himself on Instagram instead, because he knows his loyal cult slaves will take care of everything for him:

ok can someone please explain to me, clearly and concisely, using evidence to back up your claims, what is going on with "my" subreddit?

Since no one seems to be able to explain it, I'm going to assume the drama is the same kind of incomprehensible infighting, the bewildering labyrinth of mutual unsubstantiated accusations that eventually tears apart literally every online leftist community.

Accordingly I will do nothing about this, and retreat back to Instagram where it's safe. By the way, everyone follow me on IG @contrapoints. I post lots of pictures of my face. It's a good time.

just curious, did you get any traction tweeting this at @ContraPoints when she asked for a concise explanation of the debacle? her conclusion seemed to be "ah fuck it"

LMAO, I can see now why Sabrina quit moderating Nyk's discord server, it must've been a similar kind of shitshow.
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Does this "Prince Kropotkin" person have a sub here? He seems to be a major source of endless drama on the left side of reddit, and seems to have been the driving force behind the recent drama with /r/ContraPoints:
The Prince That Can't Be Rinsed has been a lynchpin of far left Reddit Drama for years before Chapo or Contra were even a thing, if you want more details I'd hit up the r/drama mods who post here, I'm sure they could write you a book.

P_K is actually quite entertaining, they are fully self-aware and they do have a sense of humor, but they are, and may Allah forgive me for even uttering this word, a redditor, he just posts and posts on Reddit day after day, year after year, post, post, posting on reddit. Things have just spiralled in to such a maelstrom of fringe left lunacy in the chaposphere that he's more often than not a gleaming beacon of reason posting there.


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Contrapoints has been shilled by any youtube channel that doesn't want to seem alt right but as a "rational center leftists" becuase Contrapoints is so non biased and thought provoking. I wouldn't read too much into it besides that.
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It’s hilarious how so many people don’t seem to notice or care how extremist s/he is.
Shows how depressingly easy it is to sell people an ideology through charisma and pretending to be a rational and non-biased individual.

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It’s hilarious how so many people don’t seem to notice or care how extremist s/he is.
Shows how depressingly easy it is to sell people an ideology through charisma and pretending to be a rational and non-biased individual.
I mostly chalk it up to their use of different characters which gives the illusion of them having a discussion with the other side when they really aren't. Also they can hide their beliefs behind many characters. I also think you can chalk it up to a lack of formal philosophical/political philosophical knowledge which makes any theories outside of the mainstream party lines look very smart and different (this also explains people like Jordan Peterson too).


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It’s hilarious how so many people don’t seem to notice or care how extremist s/he is.
Shows how depressingly easy it is to sell people an ideology through charisma and pretending to be a rational and non-biased individual.
To be fair, you could sort of say the same about a lot of anti-SJWs too, but most of them at least tried to distance themselves from the alt-right. Asking so-called “rational leftists” to disavow Antifa and the like generally ends in you getting told to shut up and fuck off.

LN 910

Obviously it's difficult to tell from a 40-second-long video segment, but Theryn's ex fiancé seems like a genuinely nice guy. How the hell did he end up being dumped for this loser?View attachment 642851
Some Twatter sperging
View attachment 642860 attachment 642867 (This guy has a thread in Proving Grounds, by the way)View attachment 642869Bonus words of wisdom from some of Nyk's fans
View attachment 642871
Man Contra has the dumbest fans


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You know what time it is (don't look at me like that Nyk, that's scary.)



He gets asked about the reddit drama. He just shrugs it off and says: "I have opted out the social left. I don't sit at the lunch table anymore because I can't deal with this.", which is a lie because he did participate in Hbomber's Donkey Kong stream for Mermainds, and I am pretty sure he had a hand in getting Orcasio-Cortez (whom he mentions during this part) on that stream given his previous involvement in the Democratic Party as a canvasser, he must've had contacts in the Dem party that got her on the stream. The claim that he's no longer involved in left politics is a lie, he is still an SJW left Youtube influencer. He says that he is going to avoid the primaries and that "I need to be useful during the elections.".

Talks about the upcoming TERFs video, says he wants to uncover TERFs' "ideological pipeline", which just happens to coincide with Julia Serano's grand conspiracy theory file about sexologist James Cantor running every gender critical website behind the scenes. There is no ideological pipeline. Women get into feminism, either through their friends or in school, where they learn that gender is social construct and therefore bullshit, and then they become TERFs when they encounter troons who don't pass, who only reinforce the radical feminist idea that gender is made up bullshit. That's it, there is nothing else to it. If TERFs only encountered passing trannies they wouldn't even notice them and they would never peaktrans, but they got online, saw all badly passing troons on this forum and freaked out. This is not a very exciting narrative so we get the likes of Julia Serano claiming that a grand puppet master in the form of James Cantor is behind all this.

He says he sees a lot of burn out online in leftwing spaces from people who quit. Duh, the SJW cult is so fucking toxic it has a high turn-around rate.

He's asked about Bernie Sanders so he fangirls for Bernie Sanders got a while.

He admits cyberstalking Jordan Peterson and Ben Shapiro because "I have made them supervillains on my channel."

GENDER REVEAL MOMENT: "Cis women treat me like their gay best friend. Or conversely, I've had the experience of hanging out with gay men and feeling not like a fag hag but like a fag.". All that Tinder dick and poor Nyk is still not treated like a fag hag but like a fag, who would've thought.

He says that the fuck trip (where his liquids got confiscated) was to Edinburgh in the UK. Another trans-Atlantic trip from mr. Climate Change. He says he wants to travel to Japan, Germany and France, so that's only more trans-Atlantic travel that's so good for Climate Change. "I love Olly, we just hung out a bunch.". But Oliver "all that Patreon money but still cannot pay the rent in London" Thorn still won't come out and say whether he's a trannie fucker, fucker of trannies, instead he and Nyk continue to feed into the online innuendo that they are a power couple. Because admitting to having a sexual conflict of interest is exactly the kind of mindfuck these SJW try to pull when they pretend to be objective disintrested "philosophical" allies, when in reality it's where they put their dick that's at stake. If Oliver is a bugger, why doesn't he just say so? (Or alternately, deny the allegations?) Because he is ashamed of himself? Or because he wants to pretend to be sexually edgy and fuck trannies without any strings attached? Why pretend to be such a sexual poseur? Anyway, he tells the story about his dildo cleaning detergent getting confiscated by British customs.

He is talking about his drug use again and claims that he keeps weed in the house and is smoking weed "legally" to fall asleep sometimes.

He's asked about TERFs teaming up with the fundies, says it's "a betrayal of feminism". Like trannie hackers working for the Pentagon isn't a betrayal of technoanarchist anti-State hacker principles, but he obviously doesn't have a problem with hypocrisy in his own camp.

He's developed a very annoying habit of ripping off drag queen Alyssa Edward's mouth pop. He does it several times during the stream. But he's a drunk so he can't do it as loudly as Alyssa does, so it comes out really lifeless and barely audible. A trans-LARPer ripping off a drag queen is so lame.

He says he wants to get into local politics in Baltimore. I guess he didn't learn a thing from the Chelsey Manning fiasco.

He says he's been watching shark movies like 47 Meters Down, the Meg and the Shallows because he's scared of sharks. I think this is subconscious menstrual envy, as in "shark week" and him wanting bottom surgery.

He's asked whether he thinks that his videos, which make a mockery out of trans people (this should've been everyone's hint that he's not trans but putting on a caricature of trans people), might be weaponized against the trans community. He pretends like he doesn't understand the question and says: "I don't think about how I am representing the community, I just think about myself."

"I've been living sort of a poly life, a poly lifestyle.". Having 2500 panty sniffers on Tinder is not being poly. Nyk is exactly what he said he is in his pre-HRT videos, a manslut.

The video he's making right now, before the TERFs v 2.0 one, is a video about political correctness.

He insists that trans people are not disregarding science when they claim to be the opposite sex. He says that this is a "straw man". "When I say that I am a woman, I am not saying anything about my chromosomes.". Indeed, he is not saying anything about his chromosomes because he's obfuscating and misdirecting by discounting material reality and making it all about his feefees. He then claims that using science to debunk lies is "abusing the authority of science.". That's right, using science to debunk bullshit is "abuse of authority". He claims that science is a "rhetorical obstacle". It's pomo bullshit 101.

Nyk admits he got clocked as "Sir" at the Baltimore Courthouse when he changed his name.

He's asked why he moved to Baltimore, and instead of telling the truth (his mom lives there) he says it was for a relationship. (He is referring to the woman he was badmouthing and calling "a fucking bitch" on that 3 month HRT transition Livestream he took down.)

he wants to travel to Japan,

OH boy I hope he does go to Japan and I hope he goes to a hotspring. I've only been to Japan a couple of times but everytime I've been the hotsprings where strictly gender segregated and had a strict rules with things such as tattoos and piercings.

I'd love to see a Twitter shit storm from him about how the mean Asians didn't like him sit in the a hotspring with naked Asian ladies because his girl dick is against the rules.

I'll be honest, I actually liked two of Contra's earlier videos but now they are just gone as a person.


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OH boy I hope he does go to Japan
He said on an earlier Livestream that he's a weeboo. He made a reference to this in his video What The Alt Right Fears where he speaks Japanese at the very beginning of the video and pretends to be a Bishoujo. Nyk was asked at the time whether he actually knows any Japanese but he admitted that he doesn't, he said Japanese friends of his told him what to say and how to pronounce it.

Other updates: Prince of Queens brought up Nyk on his last Livestream and he says that he too sincerely doubts, in the pits of his soul, that Nyk is really trans. Keep in mind that Prince of Queens was living in the Bay, before that in New York, currently lives in Seattle, and has known and met countless of gay, queer, trans and drag people over the years. I don't know if Prince watched Nyk's last video where Nyk admitted that gay men treat him as a fellow homosexual and not as a woman. That should not come as a surprise to anyone who doubted Nyk's transition narrative. Prince also repeats his suspicion that Nyk has a team working for him and Nyk's channel is just churning out "fairly sophisticated propaganda". Prince says that he wants to make a video about his theory that Nyk is a huge Dem shill titled "ContraPoints is Anita Sarkeesian v 2.0". Prince does not believe that Nyk writes his own screenplays because Prince is trained as a professional playwright himself (actually had plays performed), so he can intuitively tell when another playwright is using a voice that isn't their own and is instead engaged in writing propaganda.

I don't know whether Prince is peddling conspiracy theories here (he claims to have 20 pieces of rockhard evidence that ContraPoints is a propaganda account), I personally found the fact that Ocasio-Cortez just oh-so-spontaneously popped into Hbomber's Donkey Kong Livestream extremely suspect, to say the least. Why would a politician from NY just pop into the Livesteam of some British game critic? To express her support for transkids, of all fucking topics? Knowing that Nyk was a former canvasser for the Democrats back in 2012 by his own public admission, I immediately suspected that it was Nyk who used his contacts within the Dems (either via Chelsey Manning or through some other Dem intermediary) to reach out to Ocasio-Cortez and ask her to come into the Donkey Kong stream.

This suspicion is reinforced by Nyk fangirling all over Ocasio-Cortez on his own Livestream, saying he wished she was older so that she would run for President and he could vote for her. That definitely sounds like a load of incrementalism and "prepping the stage" for me, like Nyk and Hbomber are being used as the Youtube channels of choice by the Dems to introduce their younger audiences to Ocasio-Cortez and get that brand name recognition in there early on, so that these kids will vote for Ocasio-Cortez down the line.

Finally, to clear up an issue brought up during this Livestream: Nyk started out on Youtube as Nykytyne2. He always identified himself as Nick, Nyk or Nyky. He created the ContraPoints channel in 2011 ("Joined: February 03, 2011") as a backup channel because he was worried that Youtube would end up suspending his primary channel, which was the Nykytyne2 channel, for shitposting which he was doing a lot back then. There was an incident where Nyk had sent tickle pr0n to a Youtube Marxist feminist by the name of "Nuclear Night", which was the Youtube alias of the radical feminist currently known as Terri Strange. Nyk mentioned that incident in his video "How I Became A Feminist SJW", but he did not reveal that the person in question was Terri Strange and that this woman is still on Youtube and was highly controversial amongst Youtube Atheists (TJ in particular lost his shit over Terri Strange and still has a whole playlist on his channel which consists of nothing but response videos people at the time were making to Nuclear Night):

After he got suspended for sending porn to Nuclear Night/Terri Strange, Nyk started using the ContraPoints channel for his philosophical/cultural criticism videos, and only used the Nykytyne2 channel to post videos of himself playing the piano. Those videos of Nyk playing the piano were still online well into his transition. Back in the day he had more followers on the Nykytyne2 account though, and he kept doing Livestreams on Blogtv as "Nykytyne2". Most people on Youtube knew Nyk as Nykytyne2, not as ContraPoints. There are more people right now who know Nyk as "Natalie", but if Nyk believes that he can make the thousands of people who knew him as Nykytyne2 forget what they knew him to be and what they saw him do with their own two eyes, he is beyond delusional. Many of us refuse to believe Nyk's trans-LARP because we know what he was like all these years on Youtube. He is not a different person as "Natalie", he's still the same self-obsessed pill-popping drunken narcissist he was before. He's just using the trans-LARP to deflect and gaslight people and declare any discussion of his past taboo. I am surprised Nuclear Night/Terri Strange herself hasn't made a video commenting on all this shit because she knew exactly what Nyky was like back then, she was around. She knows this is a LARP.

Here's Nyk arguing with Terri back in the day as NuclearNight:

RT @ContraPoints: @nuclearnight "You think whores are rape victims, and you accuse women of being whores"

Here's a responce video to Nyk sending tickle porn to Terri Strange and getting banned as a result:

This guy points out that Nyk was already once permabanned on Youtube under his first account "Nykytyne". "Nykytyne2" was his backup account, and when that was on the verge of being perma-banned, he opened up the "ContraPoints" account as another backup account. What people don't realize is that Nyk has already been suspended on Youtube twice. Of course now he himself the one making money for Youtube, so he's allowed to post porny videos on a regular basis and all Youtube does is demonitize them (which he doesn't care about anyway because he makes all his money on Patreon) sometimes placing them behind an agewall. Other than this he is free to upload videos telling Ben Shapiro to kill his daughter "for teh lulz" with no consequences.
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Contrapoints has been shilled by any youtube channel that doesn't want to seem alt right but as a "rational center leftists" becuase Contrapoints is so non biased and thought provoking. I wouldn't read too much into it besides that.
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Nigga, Eyepatch Wolf has been shouting out dumb social justice-y channels since like 2016 when he shouted out Hbomberguy for the first time. The dude's just an idiot when it comes to his social/political beliefs. Also his videos are boring and gay.


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These professional SJWs are so far up their own asses:

Jenny Nicholson
‏This is real. We decided we needed a shorthand muggle word for friends who don't do youtube

@JennyENicholson @KhanStopMe We call our non-influencer friends “No-brands”

Natalie Wynn
‏I no longer associate with that sort of person

Me having to talk to people w less than 50k twitter followers

"I no longer associate with that sort of person" but you will still suck their dick on Tinder.


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It’s hilarious how so many people don’t seem to notice or care how extremist s/he is.
Shows how depressingly easy it is to sell people an ideology through charisma and pretending to be a rational and non-biased individual.
Case in point


All the successful commie youtubers have to hide their inner violent tankies to appeal to wokelibs and make sure that Patreon money keeps flowing.

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Hmm... Contra reinforcing "problematic" stereotypes and using homophobic slurs? Kinda goes against the standards that she holds for everyone else, as usual.

Anyway, as for PoQ's theory that Contra is a front for corporate produced propaganda, I see this as an out there hypothesis that is probably based on some underlying truths. Lindsay Ellis has a team that work for her after all, presumably made possible with money she makes from her industry ties. Given her friendship with Lindsay, Lindsay has probably used her connections to help her. I think it's likely that Contra has secret sponsors that we don't know about, who may be nudging her in certain directions. It's also possible that she's been schooled and given direction on propaganda techniques, which would explain the sudden shift in style and production values.

What we know for sure is that multiple corporate media outlets have rallied behind Contra, and that Contra has tried to backtrack on most of her previous work (ie. calling her early videos against the Alt Right "reckless") in order to cultivate a more "clean" image. She's also tried to cover up her youtube history to avoid being seen as "problematic," aided by that article @Nykysnottrans shared a while ago that portrayed her as a new youtuber who started in 2016 and became an instant star. It's highly unlikely that this is a one way relationship: Contra has likely had to make some changes to her content in order to earn this support.
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