Converting to Islam saved my life and cured my existential crisis

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Grand Wizard Wakka
May 30, 2020
tell me, why do humans think hamsters are cute?
hamsters aren't even the best comparison, because they are genetically close to humans. Why do people think CHICKENS are cute, of all things? A chicken looks like an alien from outer space compared to a human baby.
The answer to why we think animals are so cute... Is because God made animals visually pleasing to us, and he made us perceive them as visually pleasing.
A convincing argument. I think I'll convert to Islam now.

The Last Stand

Glamorous Summertime
True & Honest Fan
Aug 17, 2018
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Great story.


'beware the ides of March'
Mar 7, 2021
Mohammed is a liar, the Quran is his book of lies, and Allah is the lie itself. If you or any of your fellows think that saying this justifies persecuting or killing me, then you're incompatible with civilization. Somehow all fifty Islamic countries are sewers filled with turds. Gee I wonder why.

Converting to Islam saved my life and cured my existential crisis​

It's called finding Jesus you fucking r3tard. Lots of prospectless morons become strongly religious. You're nothing new, just a jesus freak who went with brand x.
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Elwood P. Dowd
Nov 15, 2016
Do you believe Muhammad literally flew to Jerusalem and back in one night on a human faced four legged winged thing a ma jig that also (possibly) had a peacock's tail?

@eDove Assuming you're just being a tard and not an edgelord...

Islam was invented by the Jesuits as a counter-religion to Catholicism and it took off.

How did Jesuits invent something that existed for approximately 800 years before their order was created?

Jesus loves you and you won't find him in this farce of a theology. Get your hands on a nice ole' KJV (or find a digestible internet pastor who knows his stuff) and dip your toes into Bible Christianity.

Yes, because the language Moses, David and Jesus spoke was clearly Shakespearean English.
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Jebu Nagazi
Mar 31, 2019
No, that thread is full of stupidity. People seriously thinking that sending a letter containing the basics of Islam is akin to Isabella Loretta Janke and Idea Guy brainwashing. People thinking they can ruin my life by finding out where I work and going "WAHHH MISTER MANAGER, YOUR EMPLOYEE TRIED TO CONVERT A RAPIST IN PRISON TO ISLAM!!!!"

The entire reason ILJ's life could be ruined by "doxing" is because she did horrible sh*t that could be revealed in the first place. You can't ruin Joe Biden's life by "doxing" because he has no hidden videos saying "grab 'em by the pussy".

islam really pisses some people off, but it's not like torturing hamsters or trying to extort money, or even brainwashing Chris into believing in false gods, so... lol at me being "isabella janke II"
Muslims are on the same level as the fungus on her toes...

Jun 24, 2021
Well hello there.
I was bad to the bone then, the Moon Devil intervened and saved my life.

Coupon11, you're shizophrenic. Get help from some psychotherapy. If that doesn't help, see an exorcist lol

For example, the Quran has the speed of light in it. I don't feel like explaining it, just go to Dr. Google to find it.
I know a lot about science and nothing in the Quran is in opposition to recent scientific discoveries. it all agrees with modern science.
The Quran doesn't have any science in it whatsoever. The Quran is a rambling shamble of bullshit. It is as if you would take the Talmub into a program that randomizes sentences at the press of a button and you mash that button till your fingers melt.
What muslims generally piss out as science in islam comes from hadiths and shit, some of which muslims argue hw accurate they are or not.
Besides some vague speed of light bullshit you may claim there is in the Quran, in the very same traditional narrative muhamad (pubg) claims that the Sun goes down into a muddy puddle every night where it stays until the Moon Devil allows it to come out.
There are also stories about why the Moon Devil created the stars, which are actually missiles being fired at literally the butts of other devils so they would not get near to the Moon Devil to hear what he's scamming up.
hamsters are cute
So are puppies, but the Moon Devil hates them. In islamic traditions dogs are evil and no angel will ever visit your house if there is a dog around. Muhamad (CS: GO) actual put out decrees that all dogs in whatever city he conquered should all be slaughtered.
Your atheism will never be able to answer why we are conscious and experiencing, and not just biological robots. How can a collection of atoms become conscious on its own?
Funny, considering radical atheism and islam, which cannot be anything else than radical, both require the total subjugation of the world and human race by any lies and mass death necessary.


The Paintbrush of Kiwi
Jul 18, 2021
Christ what the fuck with the raise of cancer recently, how the fuck there are so many new users that turn out to be absolute fags... Okay, give me some time and I'll do a litte analysis of that wall of text, eventually... Oh and

Why of all things possible you've posted this cursed thing... urgh... I still have bad memories of that episode.