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She really needs money. Selling used ugly junk earring for $25 a pair, Becky "sailing" her art and ugly boxes for $50, and now trying to sell memberships that she won't stick to.

Unless she plans to flash us, do drugs with meth mom and dad, show some legs, or something entertaining, she will never get her crown back from Chantal.

Maybe her next series "Luxury apartment to homeless" will be worth a watch?


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it still actually needs to be put in because sometimes 0 pts will go to having points, but also things like fruit used in a smoothie have points when blended even if they don’t when in solid form. 93 points not counting the weekly extra points is INSANE! they have a certain point they would like you to reach within too, so just eating under isn’t always what they prefer. I’m absolutely baffled how she got on green plan because in order to get set on that plan you basically have to say you love fruits and vegetables and we all know how amber is with those.. smh! It is the plan that gives the highest points though because it has the least amount of 0 point items.
I've been on the WW reddit and seen people being shocked that their zero point fruit and zero point fat free Greek yogurt smoothie is like 11 points. Well duh, you processed them. There are also some fruits and vegetables that aren't zero points like avocados but that's the least of her worries.

You're right, the app would consider her "healthy eating range" to be +/- 5 points of those 90 points. That's fine for someone that gets 30 points a day, but 90 points? I thought she would've been on blue, not green. It's possible for her to switch and exploit more of those zero point ayyygs and chicken, but I don't know if she's smart enough to play around with the app. The idea of her on purple which has the most 0 point foods but the least smartpoints is kinda hilarious, though. That plan does not want you to eat processed chicken sausages.

All of this is probably moot, though. You know she won't last long. WW is currently doing a promotion where it's $15 a month throughout the lifetime of your membership, so unless she was still paying for her old membership we now know how much she's wasting every month on WW.

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Weight Watchers. Again. I think this is the 5th or 6th cycle through WW since I started watching her. And so close on the heels of "counting calories", which she knows is a way to lose weight, but as with every way to lose weight, she inevitably ditches it. Just as she'll careen off course on WW. Again. 90 fucking points. I'm looking forward to the video where she blames her nonexistent BED for eating her daily and all her weekly extra points in a single day, as she did last time.

Did she write in her jernal about the (new!) plan, or did she ditch that, as well, just like every other jernal she's claimed to be writing in on a daily basis?

I've accepted that she's going to fail everything, but I want to note two things that really, really bugged me about this video: first, apostrophe abuse. Come on, ReaderWriterLynn. Neither Tuesday nor Thursday is possessing anything in your desperation to remain relevant and in ernge CHICK-en money. I've no doubt that the idiots in the FB group will buy into that, and then whine when Big Al stops doing those lives every Tuesday/Thursday. She can't even stick to an upload schedule, and you think she'll stick to the dead easy grueling schedule of aiming her camera at herself and going live, where she'll just babble on for awhile before losing interest and just playing a game or scrolling social media (or the farms!) on her phone?

Two: the way she eats is just fucking weird. First she does that weird dipping motion with crap she picks up with her beetus paws. Like the broc the other day, tapping it on the plate for no reason before dunking it into the kiddie pool of ranch. Or those hideous Freshly or Hello Fresh or whatever the hell that was vids, where she ate carrots and pickles and stuff beside the main meal: picking one up and then tapping it on the plate before stuffing it into her face. Then, she's constantly moving the food on her plate around and digging through it, like that isn't a giant fucking platter of nothing but sausage and broc. IT'S ALL THE SAME! JUST EAT THE FUCKING FOOD, FFS. I'm not sure why that annoys me so much, to be honest, but I suppose it's just because it's another empty gesture that means nothing - because we all know she'll shovel it all in as quickly as she can when the camera is off - like every other thing she does.

Why is she seasoning already seasoned sausage links? Just how napalmed are her tastebuds from all these years of shitty processed and fast food? If she's going to chop up her sausages into tiny pieces, she should learn how to hold a knife properly before she loses a finger or two (although that would be most excellent content!). And why the hell did she use that knife to cut between each individual sausage? You're eating all four of them FFS, just cut it open along the bottom.

1/10, SSDD.

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Pretty sure with memberships, you can't receive superchats. I want to say that she hasn't thought this through, but I also think I'm underestimating the number of Facebook tards who won't be able to throw $8 at her fast enough.

lol@ much writer very literatelynn with the possessive apostrophes.
Memberships don't preclude superchats. Pulpy Syntax has had memberships for months now and still gets superchats in all his streams.

Just imagine the windfall for Big Al if just 1% of her subscribers took out a membership. Even after YouTube took off their 30%, Al would still get around $10k extra a month. It's a smart move...but she's going to have to give them content, and better access to her personally. The Youtubers I've seen that have managed to grow and sustain memberships, do so by heavily interacting with them, not just taking money and giving nothing back.

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If only she got a dollar for every "Day One", she wouldn't have to do a membership lives.

Holy fuck, this bitch eats so much processed meat. All that nutrishin knowledge yet she doesn't know processed meat is a group 1 carcinogen?

Do you think she cares? She couldn't even mange to lose enough weight to get proper after care after her womb cancer.

Yeah I think I’m gonna tap out of this one, I’m guessing she’s stuffing her humongous face with food as an appetizer for her Ubereats, and between bites she says “*LIPSMACK* UMM SO GAIS...*FOOD DRIBBLING DOWN FACE* SO I GOT A UHHH NUTRITIONIST/BACK ON JENNEH CRAYG”. From the thumbnail it looks like she’s trying to charge her followers to watch her already mundane livestreams. :lunacy: Never change Hamburgerlynn

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Do you think she cares? She couldn't even mange to lose enough weight to get proper after care after her womb cancer.
She doesn't even know that the cancer's not still there. She's going on with her day-to-day life on the assumption that it all came out with the uterus, but the doctors can't actually check unless she loses that weight. That's an extra level of apathy.