COOK SOUP WITH ME | RECIPE | VLOGMAS DAY 4 2019 - 12/04/19 -

Why does the bitch add the spinnage right after the potatoes. Sis, it doesn't take that long to cook, potatoes take a while to cook. Fucking hell, Rickie! Get her out of your kitchen. What even is that flavor profile? God, her creations get weirder and grosser all the time. And, who fucking cooks fucking soup with a fucking spatula?

Sorry for the sperg, but her "cooking" clearly triggers me.

This is not soup. Hamber. This is nasty, uncooked shit thrown in a pot of store made broth. She undercooks what needs time to sit and simmer and overcooks what wilts and becomes tasteless. She uses the same ingredients in every recipe and they don't even compliment each other.

This bitch has every means available to get an actual recipe for soup but is too lazy to do it.

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