Racist Cunt
OK le summarise

becky gets her flowers - awwwwwwwwwwwww with her money

Torrid clothes she does not even show wearing they are small af and she literally waits the whole time for comment of the day. Its "I'll take my mind off it and eat these dumplings" This is why you will never succeed RIP Amberlynn 2019 - she gets triggered AS FUCK and its delicious

overall a shit video that is pretty much all of "worth" that happens

Btw the Torrid clothes are size 5 and clearly are not going to fit her.


bag o' bones
A real tear, maybe she got a legit health scare. Beetus confirmed?!

Ugh those damn tongs slapping around in there with those delicate greens had me triggered
That elbow thoScreenshot_20191007-122454.png
Delicious ecstasyScreenshot_20191007-122515.png
Here you go, @NullScreenshot_20191007-122557.png
Our gorl did it again!Screenshot_20191007-122648.png
Triggered yet againScreenshot_20191007-122703.png
"Kill me"
Two more for ya, budScreenshot_20191007-122744.png

I like how she mentioned that people are talking about how happy she is on Snapchat compare to how depressed she is meant to be on YouTube, that was literally my comment on the thread for her video yesterday. Totally doesn’t read the farms at all!

Also....she’s sharing food with children?? Did hell freeze over???

Another sad meal for our gorl. :story:View attachment 962402
That's a rather normal human size portion of a meal... And by the way she said "so there is..... our dinner... it looks..... so good..." you know she was just disgusted at the sight of those greens on her plate, and OFFENDED by how tiny the portion is. What is this, food for ants? these crumbs of food!? GO GET ME SOME PROPER MUCDONNELS!!!!

The Last Stand

We're back! Did you miss us?
True & Honest Fan

Since she wants to be SPECIFIC, here's a breakdown between garlic salt and garlic powder.

TL:biggrin:R., garlic salt is one third garlic powder with common salt. Garlic powder is dehydrated garlic and if you don't like the scent of garlic.

More size 5 dresses that will look like tight shirts on her *sigh* and more clothes for Dana*

This won't fit her even with Becky's help


Instead of just highlighting that she just decides to point on the screen and tap it like a fat baby wanting a toy

That is cruel, Amber, yes, but you know that the truth is nearly always cruel, grow tf up
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