gunna go home,take a lexapro and start the chili
This video shes wearing the same shirt as the Chinese food feeding yesterday and she has company over. I'm willing to bet that she ate with D&D (the pizza on the counter),then ate that chinese food after they left which is so dark. Like her life probably consists of waiting to get alone time to order takeout and eat it all alone in her bed.

a bootiful jung woman

Checkmate, I WHISPER


I've got more demons where that came from.
True & Honest Fan

There are fatties who weigh hundreds of pounds more than her and people think she is going drop dead next month from the beetus. She has 5 years left at the very least. I think she's popping enough pills, and likely injecting enough insulin, that she will last much longer than that.-
Carol Yager, world record holder, died at 34 and she was 544kg(!) when she died. Amberlynn has plenty of time left as long as she does not go too hard on any of her organs and avoids infections. Most professional fats make it into 30s and 40s.

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