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Discussion in 'Amberlynn Reid' started by Quarter Ton Hon, Aug 9, 2018.

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  1. Amber, do you know who was 'still dancing', but ended up being bedbound and on 'My 600 lb life'?

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    ruskayakatiusha do I have a life

  2. 160909122934-napalm-girl-780x439.jpg
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    xenomorph I've got more demons where that came from.

  3. Capture.PNG
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    Trasha Pay That A$$

    Trasha Pay That A$$ I like the D

  4. I think Steve has bigger boobs than AL there
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  5. It's pretty rare to diagnose bipolar in adolescence- that shit is usually formally diagnosed in early adulthood. Being edgy and annoying doesn't equal a proper diagnosis, gorl.
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    aerostar88 all around me are millennial faces

  6. I remember reading an interview about Stephen King and he was giving advice to his fellow writers. When asked about how he hones his writing skills he said that one of the major aspects that is a monumental influence in how aesthetically well someone writes (including himself) is reading books. A lot of books.


    Remember she used to read books? Whatever happened to that? She would tell us what book she was currently reading and she usually "read" two or three at a time??

    There's a local chain grocery store here, and that's how they package their meat, they put it into tubes. You can buy up to 10 lbs of beef in a tube. It's a little off putting but it's the same thing as fresh meat, just different packaging.
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  7. She reads those trash youth novels, it's hardly reading.
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    xenomorph I've got more demons where that came from.

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