Cook with me + what I ate today | down 75 pounds 04/27/20 -

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Christ we really underestimated how panicky she was. Also with Tyson foods saying meat shortages are coming so nice for us. She is about to have a very small pay check I calculated at $2 per CPM and then slashing it it works out to like 1.5 - 2k :)
$2 per CPM is about right. I’ve seen this number being quoted in a few places. Using this CPM value, her potential income from is about $3k per month, so her pre-tax income is about $1,600 a month. A far cry from a few months ago. This is probably why she is posting more videos: she is hurting financially.


I feel like off of lexapro my vlogs are better.
Instead of using a normal meal prep container for her next 2 meals,she makes enough to fill her bowl and then 2 baking dishes. Has she ever in her life eaten ONE serving of something? Its always 2 veggie patties or 4 servings of rice. She acts like her body will wither away if she doesn't stuff it to the max. Each one of those dishes could feed 2 people a night.


Peep the top ramen rack on the counter.

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I'd assume Amber is higher than $2 CPM. She runs tons of ads, very high retention rate and an audience that doesn't know what Adblock is. Even if she's on the very high end today like $4 CPM, her previous glory days of making $100k/year are history.
<cue Bruce Springsteen "Glory Days" on the Kiwi Farms Jukebox.>

Nobody cares Hamber. Youse Glory Days are done. Try harder. How low will you go Hamber? We haven't seen it yet. .
Boogie on down bitch.

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I had to go back to a video from March 22/18. She did what I'd call a legit weigh in. The scale was turned off, (eliminating any tare), she turned it on & weighed in - no jump cuts & came in at 494 lb.

Christ, even scrolling through her videos looking for one that might have a similar weight - the clickbait titles & idiotic thumbnails had me rolling my eyes past the point of "ouch".

Her features look about the same but man, she's looking even more rough 2 years later. I skipped through as much as I could but periodically listened to see when she'd get to weight & she weighed 494 lbs. then - so just a 5 pound difference. A couple of things that were said, (both her & Becky were in that one), that still have me shaking my head.

From Becky on dieting: "I don't think we're failing because we're still trying."

Amber to Becky: "I was giving you an eating plan that helped with something you were struggling with every day." You've got to be shitting me - a not quite, (at the time), 500 pounder having the stones to give an eating plan to her svelte 265 lb. girlfriend?


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Yeah the Amber DOOM Pander saga is in full swing. I have been personally monitoring her viewership for a while since Vlogmas and she has a habit of fearing 1.3 million views if she nears it, she starts to spam videos she done this in feb and now and indeed in December for "vlogmas" when infact her audience at that point was tiring of her content then and it was starting to spiral down.

Why is she $2 CPM my justification is her diminishing views and also the fact she has triggered alerts on Youtube a few times in the last year. Stuff like this ticks you down on the system. She can spam ads but ad blocker prevents revenue gain but also skipping the short ones. Also going down in the algorithm apparently affects your CPM and I personally believe this e.g. DSP.

I think people are starting to deter from mukbangs for the toxic environment they just are. The western versions are nothing like their original counter parts. None of them are no where near their original aim and aesthetic even mannerisms,

There has been uttering of Youtube making moves on the mukbangers for a while as unlike e.g. the make up community they contribute nothing but bad habits and in fights more than the make up tubers.

Amber and Becky strike me as the type to change their lifestyle until they start to feel better then go back to eating five people’s worth of food per meal.

They made the change and now feel better so why shouldn’t they go right back to their old ways? They simply cannot grasp that they need to make real permanent changes in their lives.
Becky already has. She was supposedly down 40 pounds a few months ago (a beetus scare? You know, that thing Amber didn't want to talk about), and now she's fatter than I've ever seen her.

She really needs to get over herself and this "skinny legend" attitude she's adopted of late.
Putting her unproven weight-loss in the titles, bringing it up whenever she can, buying clothes 7 sizes too small...
She's acting like she's thin, she has this in the bag. And it's beyond frustrating.
It's taken her 6-7 months to lose 70lbs. At over 600lbs, she should've been able to lose that in a month with effort.

Amber, we know you read this. Stop being such a smug cunt, you're still 400lbs overweight, you don't have this licked. You could still die at any minute and likely will long before you reach a "goal weight."