Cooking with Chef Thomas Jay Wasserberg - ITT: Culinary Abominations Against the Lord to Rival Scalfani &/or DSP

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no you shouldn't dumpster dive meat from random people's homes. that's not a thing you should do. I never have dumpstered dived meat because you don't know whether or not there's been a recall.
the only things I've ever dumpster dived for was behind ULTA and a certain apartment place that's in a high end neighborhood. ( call me lazy kiwis but when you see flat screen TVs and other high end shit just on the curb I call it a come up.)
as someone who knows about dumpster diving you're doing it wrong.

One based white man was so disgusted at this filthy rat rooting around in his dumpster that he shot him in the spleen.

Can you even imagine how pathetic a loser you have to be to get shot in the spleen? Who does that happen to? A lolcow. Only a lolcow could possibly have this happen to them because you laugh just hearing about it. is the news story about it. Tommy Tooter was so disgusting, in the urban part of California, that he is personally credited with creating hatred of the homeless. "The shooting of a transient and threats of further violence shocked Venice this week as residents of the fractious beach community continued to square off over the emotional issue of the homeless."

Even in the population of homeless bums, Tom was so disgusting someone felt compelled to literally shoot him in the spleen.

No population wants this freak. If you viewed Tom as a representative of any group, you would as a decent human being begin to loathe that group, no matter how hard you struggled against your own prejudice.

He is a curse on any group he belongs to, even humanity itself. Look at this gurning goblin, this freak, this fuckwad, and despair. This thing shares a genome with you.


are you dumb stupid or dumb?
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I know an intermittently homeless veteran who has never worked. Even when he has a home he dumpster dives. He has bowel problems and food poisoning all the time.
last I heard, he was on meth and coke.
Tommie Jayne reminds me of this hobo vet so much.
there's 3 types of dumpster divers:
1. homeless druggies and mentally ill
2. people who take food waste seriously.
3. people who want free shit.

I've never really dumpster dived for food because 1. I'm not desperate for food 2. raccoons possums and other pests get to it first. but realistically speaking ULTA my local store throws out thousands of unused tester products every quarter. I once found a whole line of nyx testers still new in the package est retail 1200.
not all dumpster diving is bad but Tommy is doing it wrong.

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