Cooking with Kat (and DSP) thread -

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The point was that the above is a hell of a lot different than the "that's from a box. . ." posts where all a person has to do is add water, toss in the sauce pack and you're good to go or slip this sad plastic dish in the microwave and voila!

Not really.

It's as fresh as any home food delivery.
A lot of rationalizing to avoid taking an L on this.

Pig, is this your account?


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It's nothing like pizza.

You take pizza dough. Put pizza sauce on it. Put pizza cheese on it. Put pizza toppings on it. Fold it over and cook it in the pizza oven.

Nothing like pizza.

Wikipedia describes it as a folded pizza.
Calzones are fucking delicious.

God, this polack is such a food luddite. Acts like some gourmand, but only knows fast food.

When's Phil gonna accept his heritage and have the soulbitch buy him some Miss T's pierogis?

She's from michigan, its a potato product, she knows what's up.

It'd let her eat potatos and give Phil something delicious and fried to munch on.


Also his instagram is boring as fuck now that he can't even post food or his wife. I unironically miss seeing posts of sloppy joes or whatever the fuck with 20 Okay responses.


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Kat's food is personal. Only Phil and her can enjoy the sight of that custom slop.

(I too miss the instagram posts. I want to see what mexican lasagna looks like)
Considering how often they eat frozen meals, I think I might have found it:

Sounds like lasagna but with corn pasta and (maybe) different seasonings in the sauce

It's amazing he tries to flex on the saddest shit ever.

The closest I ever get sick of eating potatoes in general is when I choose to change it up. Not feeling like mash? Bake them. Want something else? Fries of the oven or convection oven persuasion. Something besides that? German style skillet fries. Still getting bored? Potatoes au gratin, or maybe tots with cheese in them.

Million ways to make amazing fuck it food from spuds. Pig is one of the few weirdos who can't stand them for some autistic reason.

And that meal... Jesus Christ why does he think this is something he can flex on? It looks like vomit, it's all fucking premade, and Leanna and John don't care if he lives or dies now.

It shows his status as an insecure loser.
I can kinda get getting gassed on potatoes after a bit, and I fucking love potatoes in most of their forms. Still not an excuse since veg is probably the simplest fucking thing to work with. Whenever I am making dinner and I'm lazy but don't want to use left overs, just get some fucking carrots and broccoli and steam them in a pot. Literally easiest thing in the world and it makes the veggies more nutritious. If he doesn't want potatoes every meal, which is fair enough, that's all he needs to do for some new veggies. Literally 5 minutes of work and then keeping an eye on the stove.

I'd go to one make sure he was truly surly dead and two when that's over start drinking gin again because its association with the most undeserving piece of fake Italian shit was over.

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For dinner tonight "we" had the rest of the QVC 'Turkey roulade' that his parents got him for THANKSGIVING!
He tried to cover up it was from Thanksgiving by calling it 'the last of the HOLIDAY food' my parents got me.
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For dinner tonight "we" had the rest of the QVC 'Turkey roulade' that his parent got hom for THANKSGIVING!
He tried to cover this up by calling it 'the last of the HOLIDAY food' my parents got me.
Jesus that shit must store unnaturally long if it isn't rotting away after 2 months.

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. . .and the blackest eyes. The Devil's eyes.
Probably came frozen, tbh.
QVC does ship it packed in dry ice so it's likely they put half of it in the freezer on arrival.
Just the way he was gushing about how amazingly delicious the freezer-burned turkey and fruit filling that had been sitting in his freezer for a month and a half then baked, that was likely mush at that point. He said he 'ate way too much of it', just another weird flex from Phil w/the Oddly Shaped Head about how he over-ate his frezer slop.