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Does anyone know how many people she is cooking for? 8? 12? Just the two of them?
The last video I watched was one with egg rolls; as the camera pans to the the left, a mountain of 20 egg rolls is revealed! How fucking long was she frying them two at a time for? It must take hours to cook all that in that little kitchen.
It’s almost always for a”party“ shes having that night.

she has a husband? how? I know there are chubby chasers, but there's a limit. I know niggas love fat white women, but I'm sure they would even turn her down.
Don’t fret. He is also fat and ugly.
Sara makes the kind of food we all secretly wanna eat - but we don't, because we have self respect and we're not 300+lbs. There's a morbid fascination with her videos that refuses to let you look away.
Paula Deen recipes during her prediabetic pre- niggergate days are what we all secretly want to eat. She adds just enough extra butter, lard or sugar to make it better. All of her recipes can be found with less fat if you look around. So can Sara’s but she adds so much extra, sugar I don’t think anyone who hasn’t burnt out their tastebuds could stomach her recipes.

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Emmy has eaten crap that would make a goat sick. Her compliments don’t matter. Sara’s food isn’t terrible but it’s not something I would choose to eat if I didn’t have to. Some of her recipes are better than others. Some are downright worthy of a Scalfani Award. Her cooking is very old-school. It’s the sort of food people ate when they worked difficult physical jobs and had little money or access to ingredients. Combined with a modern sedentary lifestyle, it’s a recipe for disaster.

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Yep, Sara makes a horrifying iced coffee. She mixes together two cups of evaporated m!lk, two cups of condensed m!lk (about 45% sugar), and a tiny bit of actual coffee. She recommends adding Hershey's chocolate syrup to make a mocha iced coffee.

Only Sara can find a way to make a Starbucks frappuccino look healthy in comparison to her concoction.
Alright I was bored and had this shit on hand so I made the beetus coffee. I only did 1/2 cup of each instead of 2 full cups, because god damn. Spoiler: it's disgusting. It's got like a thick milkshakey texture and a weirdly slick mouth feel. I doubled the amount of coffee she put in and threw in an espresso shot. All that did was make it taste like thick sludgy sugar tard cum with memories of coffee. Didn't have Hersey's syrup, although adding more syrup to it seems like a war crime.

Dumped down the drain/10

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My personal favorite of Simply Sara is her “peanut buhdder pahh” (peanut butter pie). She has a literal fucking stroke whilst discussing the various toppings you can put on said pie.
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This is the first video / intro I’ve had of this cow, a literal cow.

Why are you so fucking fat Sara, you fat fucking fuck. Fucking boomer recipes and fat fat fat fuck

Edit for day drinking error

A) No one, and I mean literally no one, ever called her a slut. Not even a butter slut, sugar slut, salt slut, etc. Where the fuck did they get that from?

So here you go Sarah: You're a fat slut and I hope you die. Happy?
She's had people commenting on her for a long time, going back to Fat people hate being on reddit and probably before. I'm almost sure FPH used to openly call her something like a butter slut and I know one youtube channel made parody videos but uploaded them to daily motion since even then you tube had shit about harassment.

This was back in like 2015 is so I'm fuzzy on details but I think she's just conflating all haters into one group, assuming they're all the same and found out KF is an evil nazi site not knowing anything about it or what she was getting into. That's about her level of cognition; but I also can't blame her for not wanting to go through years of internet shit that might not even exist anymore, have been lost or censored, or is in random and sometimes obscure forums, or sites that are he'll to navigate like Reddit or Voat, because yes, most of it was people making relatively tame comments or concerns about her health or at times sayin she's going to die or shit like butter slut.


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It’s almost always for a”party“ shes having that night.
I think the only party is in her mouth and everything in the fridge is invited.

She has said that when she makes fake meat dishes she uses real meat for her guests. I guess down in the Holler Cletus and Starla Sue don't take too kindly to no fancy Caleefornee food like vegan meat.


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Emmy makes Sara's bologna salad because people have been asking her to. She is very complimentary, says Sara is a very nice person with a mild demeanor. LOL.
ooof poor timing from my girl Emmy. everybody in the comments were also complimentary to Sara as well (At least as of this morning). *sigh*
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Sara gets moved to Deathfats and today Zach has a video reacting to her bolonga salad recipe. Strike while that iron is hot Qween.

Oh Zach I thought you were too goody goody to read here, this is not a coincidence him and his pearl clutching suburban Mom act.
All of these talking heads come here for their info.

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She has said that when she makes fake meat dishes she uses real meat for her guests. I guess down in the Holler Cletus and Starla Sue don't take too kindly to no fancy Caleefornee food like vegan meat.
Not that they're wrong about that, mind you. Fake meat generally sucks.

To me, the ideal lolcow is one that lives like a wonderful flower in a special garden that is walled so the lolcow can't see out, but we can easily see in. Simply Sara has been that for a long time, cheerfully making culinary monstrosities in her secret laboratory and broadcasting the results over youtube. I don't think anyone should interfere with that and try to "correct" her. Correctness is determined by context, and in the context of backwater trailer park pot lucks, Sara is the Gordon Ramsay of her ilk. Her channel is like a Mars Rover to a completely different planet. The Slatons have been ruined by too much of the wrong kind of attention. I hope Simp Sara just ignores the hayturrs and keeps on keepin' on.
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