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Go cry to someone else lol
Emmy makes Sara's bologna salad because people have been asking her to. She is very complimentary, says Sara is a very nice person with a mild demeanor. LOL.
I just watched Emmy’s video and at least she made the salad look edible unlike Sara who wouldn’t understand good presentation if it bit her in the ass.


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Does anyone know how many people she is cooking for? 8? 12? Just the two of them?
The last video I watched was one with egg rolls; as the camera pans to the the left, a mountain of 20 egg rolls is revealed! How fucking long was she frying them two at a time for? It must take hours to cook all that in that little kitchen.
I know for some recipes she mentions how it would be great for a party, and for holiday baking she mentions how it would make great gifts. But I think that’s just a light suggestion. I’m guessing when she cooks dinner each night, she makes the full sized recipe and eats it all in increments before the next day’s big cook.


This “salad” makes me want to vomit.
I don't think it's that bad. It's better than her macaroni salad, lol. With only a few changes, this would be a pretty healthy thing to eat.

Here's what I would change:
- Use real onions instead of that sodium-fueled seasoning. I'd probably use spring onions.
- No garlic powder ... And no garlic in general. Too many flavors going on for a simple salad.
- No cauliflower; just use broccoli. Adding raw cauliflower ruins the texture, in my opinion.
- No mayo! What's the point of even using Greek Yogurt if it's not entirely replacing the mayo?
- Add raisins for a sweeter flavor. They are an awesome addition to any broccoli salad I've tried or made.
- No cheese.
- If you want to add something unhealthy to it, then add some bacon bits.


Go cry to someone else lol


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My aunt makes a broccoli salad kind of like that. Broccoli, shredded cheddar, bacon, raisin, onions, etc. No cauliflower though, and the sauce she uses is thinner and definitely not mayo based. More vinegary. It's delicious, so Sara is probably on the right track. The recipe just needs to be less southern.


My aunt makes a broccoli salad kind of like that. Broccoli, shredded cheddar, bacon, raisin, onions, etc. No cauliflower though, and the sauce she uses is thinner and definitely not mayo based. More vinegary. It's delicious, so Sara is probably on the right track. The recipe just needs to be less southern.
Sarah is never “on track”. If it isn’t laden with sugar, stevia, cool whip or the like - it isn’t a Sarah recipe.


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My favorite video of Sara is this one. Notice how she is completely out of breath just by saying the sentences and yet the whole video is just jumpcuts. She almost sounds like a fat autistic child from Texas.

Oh my God! This has to be the best one yet. She sounds like a six year old playing chef. I don't know how she is hanging on when she is breathing that bad. I wonder if she's on oxygen off camera.

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What is it with Kentucky and obeasts who can't cook? At least she's better than Amy Slaton and her peanut butter and frosting fudge garnished with whatever roaches got stuck in the batter.

Beer brats with beer cheese.

Now this type of food doesn't appeal to me at all so maybe I'm a bit biased. But dat cheese sauce. She just keeps dumping in spices and more salt. What's the point of making it fresh when it's going to taste like something out of a jar because you loaded it up with so much salt?

She adds too much cheese, has to cut it with more tard cum then decides it needs even more cheese.:cringe:

The sausage is already going to be loaded with sodium. So adding all that salt to the cheese sauce is overkill.

The end result is so gross looking. The way she slops everything onto the bunned sausages. Sure it's just for you and your husband. But you re showing this to the world. So at least try to make it look more neat.

I really do believe she's trying to fix her diet. But like so many other deathfats she doesn't understand how to do it right. She genuinely thinks she's being healthy and she is following her doctor's advice to heal her broken gut by going veggie. But just about every vegetarian product she's using now is processed junk full of sodium. These companies know how to market the same old trash to people under the guise of it being "healthy" because it's vegan or vegetarian.

I'd recommend she try making her own tofu since it would give her some insight on what goes into making healthy food. But she'd likely load it up with cheese and tons of salt.:lol:

Most of Sara's videos are lives now because people keep asking for them. So what would take 5-10 minutes to truncate on Youtube via editing now takes a half hour or more and the sound isn't always so good. She's usually either too load or is muffled by the sound of her own food bubbling and frying on the stove. Sometimes she's all done up because she just did or is about to do a Paparazzi jewelry video.

Is Paparazzi a pyramid scheme like Lularue or whatever it's called?

I'm curious if Sara is on a tugboat because it's obvious she can't work. Yet she sells Tupperware and jewelry. Maybe she's just supplementing.

A comment that was amusing:

Well she's back on camera now. But I don't get the "the h8terz!" drama or why it's an issue for people. If you look like a sauropod with no neck and put yourself on Youtube for millions around the world to see what exactly do you expect? Are people really that naive? Maybe out in the Holler Sara and her neighbors are all roughly the same size and add two pounds of cheese and three cups of salt to everything just like Meemaw used to do. But there are parts of the world that see Sara and are just amazed that someone would cook this way and get that big.

But I suppose that being a redneck doesn't make you very worldly.

The food just adds to the horror because it's so repulsive.

Anyone brave enough to try making that macaroni salad?
I made these tonight. Going to try and do more Sarah masterpieces during social isolation time. Here's the thing with these: if you've ever had a gas station hot dog and taco bell nacho cheese, you've had these. They're edible. It's pretty hard to fuck up basic hot dogs with cheese. They're incredibly bland and yet incredibly salty. I used the beer brauts as per the recipe, but I think regular hot dogs would've worked better. The brauts are too big for this and just make it harder to eat and saltier. The bacon added absolutely nothing to these besides more salt. The cheese sauce is.......okay I guess. It tasted like a fancier Velveeta. Very very bland. Crying out for pepper and spice. Really wasn't worth the effort of making it. Bun got super soggy halfway through. This may work better if you ditched the bacon, used a normal hot dog, and maybe turned it into a chili cheese dog. It needs more than just cheese and salt. However, it was edible without being too horrific.


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Did you use a real veal bratwurst from the meat section? The ones in the video look like Italian sausage. A true brat should have no pork in it and it should be white in color. I've seen bratwurst called weisswurst before too. That stuff in the plastic weenie packaging isn't really bratwurst. It's just a milder version of the brand's regular sausage.

With a real brat, there's no reason for a recipe. All you need is red cabbage and good German mustard.

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