Cooking with Simply Sara / Sara Potter -

Being a cunt or not is not how a cow is determined. She's a cow for her inabilities to both speak without flubbing words and film videos that look decent despite being at this for over 10 years. She's a cow for thinking she's a chef when she still doesn't know the most basic things about cooking, like the fact that she's supposed to heat a pan full of oil before putting anything in it. She made a "cooking video" to show how she mixes cool whip and powdered sugar with canned fruit to make "salad" like 3 weeks ago. It might be a well-known deep south recipe but it's still exceptional that this is what she thinks qualifies as instructional cooking.

She's a cow, and since she started shilling Tupperware/jewelry and gained a larger following she gives even less fucks about how bad her videos look and sound when most normal people would use that as an opportunity to improve their production quality. Like I said before in this thread, she's a quiet cow, mostly good for chuckles, and not everyone's cup of tea. The fact that she calls a "collaboration" a "claaab" and says " 'corporated" instead of "incorporated" while throwing badly measured jarred garlic in a cold pan is enough for me to laugh at her, man.

I don't put her on the cow level as Amy, Chantel or ALR. That said, her cooking is what makes her a cow to me. She makes an ungodly amount of unhealthy food and is so overweight and can't say two words without wheezing and having to take a break to breath, she's already had health problems due to what she is eating and she'll die by what she is eating and the amounts she eats. She could tweek her recipes a bit to make them more healthy, she doesn't need to use a metric ton of fat, salt or sugar to make her foods taste good. In conclusion, she seems nice enough, I kinda like her, not her voice, she has the voice of a toddler but she exhibits cow like behavior.


My human and I talk shit about you
Its like the 70s dinner party on Twitter. I endured an aspic nightmare this past summer to appease a loved one, but only with the promise that I would not have to eat it again for at least a decade. I might eat the frankenfurter corona as a death bed promise, but only for immediate family.
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