Cooking with Simply Sara / Sara Potter -


Hi, guize! OK, so
There isn't much of a recipe to "Cut it up, Fry it. Sprinkle salt on top."
"We're gonna fry it 'til it's done." Very informative.
Those fries would suck. Good fries are cooked twice at different temperatures to assure the inside is cooked thoroughly and the outside is crisp. Fries like that are always burnt tasting and either limp and floppy, or, what it looks like in this case, undercooked in the middle. No way those are "creamy" inside. But all her lizard brain needs is "Not raw. Salty. Greasy. = Good."


I think she is just lazy. She used to edit videos, but then moved on to a Facebook streaming binge. Now we have the best of both worlds, YouTube paired with lazy “streaming” content. Also her internet is bad and craps out often. Leading to multiple “streams”. (At least it’s was spotty when I used to watch her Facebook streams.)

Uncle Meat
The crab boil recipe isn't too bad... except for WAY too much potatoes and sausage and she dumps a big pile of garlic powder in by mistake.Why did she add seasoning AND a creole boil bag? I would have liked to see her do the release on camera with the instant pot crammed full like that. I bet she had a geyser of liquid squirting all the way up to the ceiling,