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What's in your opinion the most sincerely cool thing a lolcow ever made?

In my opinion, it was Marjan protesting naked on the court' steps Chris driving to Ohio to meet Julie, all on his own, driving 24 hours straight and not saying anything to Borb. Delusional as he was, that was a pretty big leap out of his comfort zone.

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Terry Davis made TempleOS
I second this. TempleOS doesn't look like much compared to flashier systems like Windows or macOS, but those have had hundreds if not thousands of developers working on them throughout the years. For a solo project, TempleOS shows a remarkable level of technical skill and dedication. I've been programming since elementary school, but even now I doubt I could make something on TempleOS's level unless I had another decade to work at it.

Of all the lolcows I've seen mentioned on this board so far, Davis is the one I would have most liked to meet and talk shop with in person. I feel that the world is worse off after his passing, and not just for the lulz.

Requiescat in pace, Terry Davis.


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Andrew Dobson used to be pretty competent at art when he was forced to push his skill ceiling to graduate MCAD.
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