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He comes in with a sockpuppet every now and then. Don't get your hopes up, it's funny the first time, then it gets boring.
If you don't know how to have your own fun, you're a libtard.

I need his professional opinion on how he can help my cat overcome his fear.
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January Cyst

I could eat a knob at night
Clem should be hoarding money for essentials in a time like this not spending it on gaming parts.
Like any lolcow, Clement isn't what one might call sensible in his approach to most anything.
I like the juxtaposition of the new graphics card and his grubby room.
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January Cyst

I could eat a knob at night
Why the fuck would you post an archive
Of course I want to give this nigga views.
Because lolcows go on regular deletion sprees and we've lost plenty of unarchived content that way.
Clement has deliberately not monetized his content for autistic boomer reasons ( I think he's too dense to figure out how to install adblock, so he said ads on videos bother him anc he doesn't want his fellow autist to suffer), so it's not like the archives are actually costing him anything.

Clem is so fucking English this is what I hear when his thread pops up

Clem is really wholesome in a twisted kinda way if we consider all the gunt related incidents and troon degenerates that are usually discussed here.
Just a nearly 40 year old man living in his mother's flat playing Sanic all day.
Oy, we've go'ah proc'eed a'h a high ra'ht of speed, guvn'ah.

Old Greg

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He passed the 40 year old mark a few months back, I think it was part of his mini breakdown over wanting to remain a child forever when covid lockdown was looming. He stated how everyone he'd grown up with had moved on years ago. I don't think he can handle change very well.

Also he leaked his address yet again in a recent video, I got a screenshot but not sure if it's acceptable to post here.
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Phil Ken Sebben

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Our boy came into some government money and blew it on a GPU.

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It's no different than Chris deciding to buy an iPad with the stimulus check he got. There's a reason that people like this are poor. They spend money the moment they get their hands on it. It's one of the reasons why getting on welfare without an exit plan can result in you staying on it forever. Of course in Clem's case I think that was the plan.
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