Coomer memes -


Ducking Fegenerate
I think coomers are a myth or at least very short lived, because cumbrains always escalate. At some point no amount of pornographic material, however niche, can get a cumbrain off. They will resort to some weird shit with corpses or animals, at the very least. In short, cumbrains always end up raping somebody, being arrested for animal abuse, diddling a minor or suffocating themselves to death in some weird pseudosexual ritual.


Hehe xd
Fucking = Necessitates a connection with other humans (Not necessarily an emotional one), an activity that you can possibly fail at (i.e, one worth doing.) Dopamine rush occurs as a result of using a comprehensive set of skills and abilities rather than just happening because you decided that it should happen. Limited access to attractive women forces you to improve yourself physically, mentally and/or financially in order to reach the goal.
Picking up chicks is a p2win game. Taking pride it in is is dumb.

A Welsh Cake

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That video unironically awoken a primeval fear in my heart. The only other time I felt this fear was when I looked at the man's imdb page. How he hasn't got a thread here is confusing considering how much of an affront he is to the very being of Homo Sapien.

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