Coping with Biden/Harris - Help NeroRisotto deal with a funk


I've may have made some mistakes...
I'll admit, the whole focus on "domestic terrorism" is concerning but I think we're going to see a shittier retread of Bush and Obama under the Biden Administration.

We'll see Biden/Harris make an example of the Capitol rioters as a show of power and then it'll probably go back to malaise, economic recession, and more corporatism and managed decline.

I can understand dooming at the start of this. Lord knows I've done plenty of that, but the inauguration seems to have gone without any major incidents. If someone did try to do something really stupid like on 1/6, then I'd definitely be going full blackpill.

@CheezzyMach is right. This is Kamala Harris and Joe Biden we're talking about. They're corporatist neolibs and at most, you'll see some pandering and do-nothing virtue signaling to appease the Woke Left without interfering with the corporate oligarchy.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez likes to sperg about "liberating" the South to build some kind of socialist black matriarchy and reeducation gulags for "White supremacists" and "conspiracy theorists" but AOC is fucking retarded and is pretty much the Left's equivalent of Sarah Palin or Dan Quayle. She's a loudmouth moron who was picked to be the Woke Left's mascot but Nancy Pelosi and the corporatists who actually run the DNC hate her guts. It'll be a miracle if they don't gerrymander her ass out of office.

Trump lost and we just have to accept it. It sucks, but honestly the only good thing a Trump win would have done is convince the corporate elites to ditch the Woke Left like they did with the fundies after Obama won in 2008.

Keep your head down, don't do any thing retarded, and focus on your own life and what you can do to enjoy it or improve your life to make it more enjoyable.

Don't be like Ashy the Angel, who literally killed herself because her candidate lost the primary and sold out a second time.
Wondered what happened to them.

No. Obsession with politics is a form of escapism. It signifies loneliness and frustration at everyday life.

Its a make believe thing one indulges in to feel as if they are part of something larger when in reality theyre just screaming at a TV screen

Drag-on Knight 91873

"Listen man, it's complicated."
California is nowhere near neo-liberal. They are far left.
Late stage neo-liberalism. California is a Gilded Era state where the Rich take great pains to segregate themselves from the poor while also pretending to help the poor with small gibs such as the $15 minimum wage. The problem is Californian elites also make out of touch decisions to virtue signal and/or embezzle such as the massive environmental regulations that sytmied any kind of wildfire prevention like letting logging companies clear out the dry brushwood from the hot summers. Instead, Newsom and Brown blamed climate change rather than bad environmental policies that prevent preventative wildfire measures like more water reservoirs.

Thinking about the last 20 years of Californian governance, it actually does mirror current affairs today. People were mad at Gray Davis for the energy crisis, so they recalled him with a populist candidate, Schwarzenegger. State politics quickly turned him into an ineffectual swamp creature, but his initial popularity was based on his outsider status and brand recognition. He was replaced by an aging old man, Jerry Brown. Older Californian residents called him Moonbeam because of his previous non-consecutive term. After Brown, we get Gavin Newsom, whose previous job as Mayor of San Francisco led to the current drug epidemic in the city by giving out clean needles to junkies.

Far Left is nutured by neo-liberal leadership first.

I'm coping by knowing fully well that Biden is our first political puppet via Obama and Harris.
I'm sure they're quietly slipping Anthrax into his drinks all day since Biden made that "Everyone Be Nice to One another, or I'll terminate you" tantrum disguised as a speech.