COPS is cancelled


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Nov 23, 2018
Playing the Bad Boys song before every episode of COPS was probably paying for everything for the band for a couple decades. Way to go BLM you just took money away from black people by getting COPS canned.
I saw the SVU guy wants to do a police brutality video ala the GamerGate episode, so be ready for that.
If you're talking about Ice T then he's an idiot or he's getting dementia because there have been several episodes about police brutality specifically at black people that riots ensued from. These are the same writers that want to bring back Detective Stabler because he's the only one they haven't ruined yet.


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Mar 14, 2019
Good. Nobody with half a brain or all of their teeth still watches this shit anyways. I hate cancel culture, but this show was garbage. Live PD is worse though, imo. Shameless exploitation of ghetto/trailer trash, and I'm surprised it's even legally allowed.

A Grey Cat

Jun 12, 2019
My family had a tradition back in the 90s. Every Saturday we'd get Chinese or KFC and then sit in the living room to watch the fox lineup. Starting with a simpsons rerun, then cops and finally americas most wanted. It was the also the only other time of the Week i got to stay up late as a kid. While I haven't watched cops in years these calls to get rid of them both in real life and in the media is just sickening.

I hope these idiots calling to defend the police get what they deserve if they ever get their wish. Sure there's a big difference between a poor as fuck neighborhood with no protection and a celebrity mansion and gated community some with armed guards. (because that's so inclusive) but give someone enough rope and they'll hang themselves soon

Harlay de Champvallon

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Nov 3, 2019
Cops now taking the knee for the bad boy. It did have quite a picturesque array of ne'er do wells. It's no loss. It purposely created a false balance of basketball Americans and white thrash. Still fuck the Commies.